Lady Dior yes or no?

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  1. I love Chanel and I ready to buy a Chanel boy bag. While I was deciding whether I should get a Chanel boy or Diorama, it is no doubt that Chanel boy still calling strong in my head. Then while I was checking on a personal shopper's Instagram last night, I saw a beautiful black medium Lady Dior in lambskin. I asked my husband which one is nicer (Chanel black boy or lady Dior), he said LD because I have a Chanel cf but no Dior yet (well, it's not going to help).
    I don't have a Dior bag. So ladies, would you mind sharing your opinions please. I have read from tpf that not everyone like Lady Dior as getting thing in and out is a bit trouble. And also the durability of Dior Lambskin compare to Chanel.
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  2. LD is by far more gorgeous than a Chanel boy but both bags are totally different in style. Don't buy a LD because you already have a Chanel. Buy if the style works for you. Do you like handheld bags, can pain overcome beauty because the opening is a pain if u have lots of things to carry?
    Do you prefer flaps bags for ease, does the boy bag sits comfortable on your hips as you know the strap is long enough for cross body.
    Do your prefer lambskin or patent?
    As for lambskin on LD, I couldn't comment if it's more durable than Chanel or not but lambskin is lambskin. All corners will show wear very easy,
    Also consider after service from both brand. Dior does free grooming on their lambskin bags within a year but not sure on Chanel.
    All I can say is, lambskin on boys sometimes feels so thin vs the price tag. At least u can feel the umpphhh.... on Dior's LD lambskin for the price tag you pay.
    For elegance I would pick my LD over my boy. For ease of use its the boy, but I don't like the flap being so huge when I open it and if it worn cross body, it's too high above my hips and I don't like carrying on my shoulder as it slips off easily.
    Also ru the kind of person who likes to buy a bag to use for a while and resell or to keep? In this case by all means, boys are easier to sell compare to a LD.
  3. I have both and love all.

    They are very different styles so it is hard to compare.

    Lady Dior's lambskin is more durable than Chanel's.

    Chanel doesn't offer any bag spas in Australia, but Dior does. And it's a free service with Dior.

    I love the fact that the LD has a shoulder strap so it can be worn an elegant night bag, as well as a day bag. It's a very gorgeous bag.

    The Chanel boys - I have two. I love them due to the style. I have lambskin and calfskin. I do have to baby my lambskin boy a bit.

    Hope that helps.
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    This is a very comprehensive, excellent assessment of both bags and their pros/ cons. It is like comparing apples to oranges. LD is an iconic, gorgeous bag that is very ladylike and chic. The strap option does make it more versatile and it can be used day or evening, dressed up or down. The vibe it exudes is timeless elegance, in my humble opinion. I don't find this bag awkward to use, but I don't carry a lot and I use a small wallet vs a full- size wallet when using this bag.

    The Chanel Boy is very " now", but many believe it's well on its way to becoming a classic and it has inspired other brands to follow suit. It's more of an " edgy" look, even in lamb skin. It does look good as a cross body and the flap makes it user- friendly. It's definitely less " formal" than a LD and not as versatile.

    I think it comes down to how you plan to use the bag. Would one fill a void in your collection vs the other? While the Boy is easier to re- sell , LD is a sure bet for longevity in one's collection. I didn't consider the resale on this bag, because I purchased it to have a permanent place in my collection.

    Since you already have a Chanel cf, would you be open to the Boy or LD in a beautiful color, say red? They are both available in some gorgeous colors and other materials. Good luck with your dilemma.
  5. I have both the chanel boy and the mini Dior (I did not want to get the medium for the opening), I live both (Dior in bright red silver hw and chanel in a dark red with antique gold hw). They both look so different and serve different purposes. If you r thinking resell then boy is way better.. But to me they r too different t n if possible both should be in a collection. (Sorry I'm no help)
  6. Definitely the Lady Dior. It is one of the most iconic bags in the world.

    Both bags you mentioned have their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of disadvantages, the Chanel Boy tends to crease in the middle when the bag has some weight in it, because of the way the strap is attached to the flap. The Lady Dior has a zipper opening that is not as easy to get into.
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  7. Hey Sweetie,

    I have a Lady Dior in the medium size and 2 Chanel Boys, one in small & an old medium and I wouldn't part with any! The only thing I don't like about the Lady Dior is that the opening is very small and it's very hard to get your hand in and out or your wallet, etc. The Chanel boys can be worn more casually since you already have a gorgeous Classic Flap for a dressy night out though. Have you given up on a Faye? Hope this helps :smile:
  8. Thank you everyone.
    I guess when you spend that much money on a bag, you kind of hope that you are able to enjoy the bag as well as their service. I went to my local Chanel boutique couple times to check on the availability of the boy bag and was not impressed by their customer service, kind of make me hestitate to buy another Chanel.
    I sold my all Gucci bags and going to sell couple of my Bal bags as I would like to start a small iconic collection. My lifestyle has totally changed after having kids. I won't use either of them as my everyday bag. After reading all your post, I think I will consider both for my collection. Just which one first, haha...

  9. Thanks Lauren,
    You are right, I won't part with any. Will see which one singing in my heart more than the other. I end up went for Drew instead of Faye. Local department store has more color choice in Drew than Faye.
  10. i collect mainly chanel and decided to buy a LD - i ended up returning it, but will likely get one in the future. it's iconic and beautiful, just as the Chanel CF is. i don't think of the boy as classic, so between the two i'd go for LD. i found the LD more substantial than the Chanel in terms of weight and the leather was thicker, more durable... closer to maybe Chanel calfskin. i returned it because of the resale value being low and since i turn my bags over a lot that bothered me, and i did feel the opening was a bit tight. just my observations in the short time i had it. when resale is no longer something i do it'll again be in my collection. it's classy, timeless and just gorgeous.
  11. Like Average Joe pointed out, Lady Dior is one of the most iconic bags in the world. It's a work of art!
  12. Can't wait to hear what you pick! Please keep us posted :smile: Hope you're enjoying your Drew!!!
  13. I've always been a Chanel fan and the boy is next on my wishlist. However, when I had to choose between a boy and a lady Dior I went for the Dior. It's absolutely gorgeous and a classic bag that will last you forever. I love wearing it with the shoulder strap for a casual chic look!

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  14. Wow it is stunning!
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    It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the color. Perfect choice!
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