lady dior woc, lambskin or patent leather?

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  1. I am planning to get a lady dior woc, but could not decide whether to get lambskin or patent leather? I feel like lambskin is easier to get scratch on it, but patent leather is like a finger-print collector:sad: any suggestions? please
  2. I have a WOC pink patent the colors transfers to it very quickly and I heard that you cant clean it unfortunately , mine has a black transfer it on the other hand lamb skin is easy scratches but you can protect and clean it :smile:
  3. I suggest lambskin. You can clean it and redye it if it gets worn.
  4. I'd go for the Lambskin :smile:
  5. Thanks! But how to clean lambskin? send it to a Dior store to get cleaned?
  6. U can either take it to dior store, or if u were like me i dont have dior store in town, what i do is to spray a protector on my bag every two weeks and if it ever gets dirty I'll try to clean it with cotton and leather cleaner for cars ☺️☺️ I use turtle wax I believe that's the brand name