Lady Dior- Which would you choose

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  1. IMG_1491041153.497969.jpg

    Helping a friend decide. Which would you choose - lotus or grey?
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    1. Pink :heart:, so pretty and girly but I really depends on her wardrobe and what coordinates better with it.
  2. Both! But if not, pink!
  3. Lotus
  4. Lotus with the gold hardware. If it was grey with silver that would be a different story
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  5. Lotus!
  6. Both are beautiful but I would choose grey! It seems more versatile and year-round
  7. Grey!!! Love it with ghw [emoji7]
  8. Hard choice. I love pink.
  9. Lotus! I own it and love it!!
  10. Both are very sophisticated choices and unusual cws with ghw. Strangely, I can see the Lotus going with more neutrals in anyone's wardrobe, it's a very neutral pink and would suit most, I think if it were me I'd still go for the grey. You know your friend better than us.
  11. Both are lovely; gray will go with most colours, whereas lotus can brighten a neutral wardrobe in a feminine manner :smile: For me, I'll go with gray, because I can pair it easily with those blues (even those brighter hues) in my closet, whereas lotus may be a bit harder to pull off.
  12. Lotus! Big fan of neutrals, pinks and beiges with black and white wardrobe . I think they will have more appeal as time goes by than gray.
  13. I saw both colours yesterday. Lotus is so beautiful in person. I couldnt resist to add the beauty to my collection.
  14. Pink is gorgeous but I think gray is more practical for a daily use. If you have many wardrobe that fit pink go for it, if not definitely go for gray.
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