lady dior which size ???

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  1. I planing buy first my dior bag ..I can't decide buy which size and me please
  2. Do you have any preferences in material or colour?

    If not, then I suggest a black lambskin Lady Dior with silver hardware. It's the most iconic Lady Dior.
  3. ^agreed

    I recently purchased my first LD and I really had to think of functionality what I purchase it. Personally I'm not the type to purchase a bag and just let it sit there collecting dust so I really needed something that, when I do use it (I only intend to rotate it in perhaps for a weekend at a time).

    In Australia the price difference between the small/classic size and medium is $500, starting at $3700. And my husband really emphasized the point that, for my lifestyle, $3700 for the small bag would've been a waste. Because it is too small. He would rather purchase the medium size, at the higher price knowing that it would be more functional to me and be used more often.

    By functional to me, if I were to go to a wedding, I would bring my long wallet, small make up bag, keys, glasses case and phone which was pretty much stuffing the classic small size to the top and made getting things in and out difficult. IMO the medium was the right fit for me. if it turns out to be the only lady Dior I ever own then at least I'd use it.
  4. Get the medium one:smile: try to get a dark colour like black as your first lady my first one in pink and slightly regretted coz after a while it gt slightly stained by my jeans :sad: even so, brought back to my sa..and he told me that i could actually retreat and redye the bag to a diff colour which is darker like black, purple..etc but it will cost me approx rm1000? So, you could buy a black one or get a lighter one and dye it later on when it gets dirty?