Lady Dior vs Kusama Speedy + Dior Panarea

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2014
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    Hi ladies,

    I have another dilemma - trying to decide whether to sell my Kusama Yellow speedy and Dior Panarea in blue and get black patent silver hardware medium Lady Dior bag.

    I had Kusama speedy since it was released, but haven't carried it even once. Not sure why, as I think it's super cute.

    Opinions are appreciated!

    ETA: Reminder that selling /buying/trading is not permitted on tPF

  2. Please sell Kusama!
  3. The Kusama is very unique, but not a timeless piece IMO. However, unless you have an emotional attachment to it, I'd sell to fund the Lady Dior. It sounds like you really wouldn't miss it since you've never worn her.
  4. Adding here since you posted their pictures together. Dior, Dior, Dior. Just so beautiful, timeless, and classic.
  5. Thank you! It seems like i'm on the right track
  6. I'm not into Dior to be honest, but you should definitely sell the Kusama if you aren't using it.

    FYI--the Kusama pic is of a fake, you should replace it with a pic of an authentic bag.
  7. Oh ok, i cant authenticate from the picture, just took it from google images, just to give an idea. I can delete it
  8. Lady Doir for sure. It's so classic and timeless!!!
    Much better than Kusomi or something, I don't like the poker dots, IMHO this is the worst Louis limited edition.
  9. as a proud owner of all those bags
    I say NOOO
  10. I have to say yes! Sell them and get the Dior. However, although I can understand the attraction to the Kusama line, I personally am not a fan of it, so this would influence my decision. I much prefer classy and classic looking pieces so I say sell!
  11. Lady Dior, vey stylish and feminine.
  12. This is great! Thanks for your opinions!
  13. Kusama is a trend, the LD is a classic. And with all the price increases now, you better get one before it reaches $5K for the medium size (which is ridiculous BTW).
  14. don't love the kusama speedy's and don't think it will stay in style. Lady Dior is classic and will last you much longer + it's gorgeous