Lady dior versus GST versus E/W

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  1. What do you thins I should choose???!! :wondering:wondering
  2. I would get the E/W :smile:
  3. I know I'm commiting blashphemy on the Chanel forum...but I'm REALLY liking the look of the Lady Dior - the larger one anyway...

    This plus, you will be unique walking around with the Lady Dior - you don't see many of those anywhere...
  4. depends on whether u already have a chanel. I went for chanel then Dior. Assuming no considering factors (jus considering the types of bags listed) I will go for Lady Dior, E/W then GST.
  5. I have a dior panarea in black but no chanel yet !
  6. I like the Dior too.
  7. I'm starting considering this bag which is within my budget (1700 Euro), also available very pretty and can be used day and night !

    What do you think? am I right or should I go for a chanel since I don't have one!
  8. Those are 3 TOTALLY different bags, it depends on what type of bag you need right now.

    The E/W is too small for me and the GST feels like I'm carrying the kitchen sink with me, LOL. So personally I'd pick the Lady Dior.
  9. I have a Lady dior and absolutely Love it!
  10. The larger size of the Lady Dior.

  11. :biggrin: Very funny!!
  12. I already have dior panarea black so I want the small one so I can use it day and night !!
  13. Oh that's nice and what color, size do you have?
  14. yes also one of the reasons is that it seems more unique ! The only place I saw this bag was in milan and was so in love with it !!
  15. Definitely the Lady Dior, in the large size. I like it becasue I have yet to see a single person with one (and I do "hang out" in the trendy places in Toronto and abroad) in real life, and I think it is more versatile since you can carry it, place it on the shoulder, or use the strap.