Lady Dior Tricolor

  1. So which one you chose ? I like them all I don't know which one should i chose ?
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  3. I don't know which "patent light purple pink" it is you're referring to as limited edition, but it is more likely to be a seasonal colour than a true limited edition. Limited edition bags have a metal plaque inside the bag to indicate it as such.

    Lambskin is more susceptible to scratches than patent and you have to be careful especially with the lighter colours. Personally I like the look of the tricolour.
  4. I sent you 2 link with the 2 bag. The tri color is lambskin too so i don't know ! 1 more question is that the gold hardware is more hard to get and more special than the silver hardware ?
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  6. I don't see any links.

    There are two shades of gold hardware used, yellow gold and light gold. Which one is used is simply a matter of aesthetic choice for the particular collection. That doesn't make it any more "special" than silver hardware. Generally speaking, there are more Dior bags with silver hardware than either shade of gold hardware.
  7. i found pictures of these bag! please give me advice which one i should get
  8. I'm not a big fan of the really pale pastel tricolour, I really like the foulard one if it's still available in your local boutique, go for the Rose Sorbet if you can still get your hands on one, it was sold out very quickly because of its popularity so you might find it somewhat difficult to source one
  9. I adore the tricolour. The sorbet pink is too trendy for me, personally, and I think if you're going to go with a light colour like foulard you might as well go for the tricolour.
  10. thank you! i will chose the light pink then but should i get lambskin or patent ?still thinking ! any advice please
  11. it depends on your own preference and whether you'll be wearing darker coloured clothes which leave colour transfers on leather (permanent on patent leather, can be cleaned from lambskin if done immediately) or if you think it'll be tossed about with other things a lot (patent leather is scratch resistant, this isn't so on lambskin)
  12. the foulard is not available now. There are 2 option the rose clair patent with silver and the rose poudre lambskin with gold hardware. If you was me which one u should get ? and i wonder if the lambskin easy to get dirty if we hold the handle for long time ?
    The problem is in my location don't have Dior so i have to call to other state and see on picture i don't have chance to see in person

    The rose poudre look like beige stone right ? i not sure if the color in picture is right.

    Please help:sad:
  13. I would definitely get the Rose Poudre with Champagne gold hardware. It is exceptionally pretty.

    And like all light-coloured lambskin bags, the lambskin may get dirty over time, especially around the handles. As long as you avoid using dirty hands to touch the bag, and avoid getting it into contact with darker fabrics, then your bag should stay clean for a long time.

    Rose Poudre is very light, but it doesn't look like Stone because Rose Poudre is pink and Stone is beige.