Lady Dior Tricolor

  1. I was told today at my local Dior store that a new Lady Dior Tricolor should be released for this summer. They didn't have any detailed info yet. Any idea what colors will that be? And what's the possible release date? I don't want to miss it this time. They sell out so quickly and most of the stores receive only 1-2 pieces.
  2. For Summer 2012 the only tricolour Lady Dior will be in lizard, in hortensia/violine/tangerine. Being an exotic this means availability will be even more limited. Summer 2012 usually begins to arrive instore end February/early March.
  3. Eminere - do you have a picture? Sounds very pretty. Tia.
  4. Sorry, no picture yet.
  5. Hi Eminere, do you work with Dior? I am looking for a small beige LD with gold hardware. I saw my friend's in red patent with a shoulder strap. Wonder is that a seasonal?
  6. The small Lady Dior doesn't come in beige anymore, in either lambskin or patent calfskin, as of Cruise 2012.

  7. Alright. Thank you very much. May I know in what colour does the small come in? I am interested in the patent. Otherwise I might need to consider about the medium;) I still have problem accessing the opening of LD.
  8. For patent and for Cruise 2012, the small Lady Dior comes in cobalt clair, black with gold tone hardware, and black with silver tone hardware only.

    By the way, I am only mentioning the options for Cruise 2012 because that's the season currently stocked in the boutiques. Each season would obviously have different colour availability.
  9. What would we do without you, Eminere?
    Lizard sounds pretty but I can already imagine the price:sad: Still, I think it's astonishing you guys in Australia know more about the upcoming collections as Dior in Europe:smile:
  10. I try. :smile:

    If you can wait til Pre-Fall 2012, there will be five simply beautiful tricolour (think pretty pastels) combinations on lambskin, which will naturally be less expensive than the Summer 2012 tricolour lizard.
  11. oh. em. gee. FIVE combinations? PRETTY PASTELS? Someone'd better hide our wallets lol
  12. They sound gorgeous! Can't wait to see pictures of them all!
  13. OMG! Five combinations! We'd better start saving now!
  14. will they have new tri color lady dior in this summmer ?
  15. Have you read this thread at all?? :huh: This was the OP's question and I already answered it in the second post.