Lady Dior too old for me?

  1. I posted this in the Dior forum as well, but I was thinking I might get a little more help here :biggrin:

    Ok! I came across the Lady Dior hobo--medium sized, i'm guessing?--in black leather today, in Neiman Marcus...the one with a wide strap and a zippered top (that detaches like a jacket), retails $1,145. It was on sale, for a VERY good price! And when I say a GOOD PRICE, i mean, better than outlet pricing! $515 plus additional 25% off!!!!!!--after tax, it is only a little over $400!! :yahoo:I didn't end up buying the bag, but I'm still wondering whether I should go back tomorrow morning and make the purchase. I'm having contemplations because I'm 19 and I feel the bag might look too old for me (better fit for somebody who is 25?). :shame: I've recently been using my Gryson Skye everyday (tough leather bag in comparison), and I feel that the Dior would make a good everyday bag in substitution since it is black..However, I'm scared the lady dior leather will scratch easily because it's so soft. What do you guys think? Does it scratch easily? Is it too old for me? :confused1:
  2. Oh my gosh, I would have swiped that thing up! But then, I'm 22. I think it may be a little old for you (I know I'm only 3 years older, but sometimes I think I have 'old' taste), but if it's something you think you would get a lot of use out of in the future (in college, a career, etc) I would say go ahead and get it. It's something I would have definitely used to carry around school stuff.
  3. When you are 19, nothing is too old for you. Only worry about something being too old for you if you ARE old. If you love it, buy it and enjoy it! :yahoo:
  4. OMG! The Price! If you don't get it, I will!
  5. Definitely not too old for you.

    Go for it!