Lady Dior too old for me?

  1. Ok! I came across the Lady Dior hobo--medium sized, i'm guessing?--in black leather today, in Neiman Marcus...the one with a wide strap and a zippered top (that detaches like a jacket), retails $1,145. It was on sale, for a VERY good price! And when I say a GOOD PRICE, i mean, better than outlet pricing! $515 plus additional 25% off!!!!!!--after tax, it is only a little over $400!! :yahoo:I didn't end up buying the bag, but I'm still wondering whether I should go back tomorrow morning and make the purchase. I'm having contemplations because I'm 19 and I feel the bag might look too old for me (better fit for somebody who is 25?). :shame: I've recently been using my Gryson Skye everyday (tough leather bag in comparison), and I feel that the Dior would make a good everyday bag in substitution since it is black..However, I'm scared the lady dior leather will scratch easily because it's so soft. What do you guys think? Does it scratch easily? Is it too old for me? :confused1:
  2. No way is that too old for you, it's a classic style fit for any age. The leather is kind of delicate but since its's in black you won't see any dirt. I would totally get, I think its a gorgeous bag. Keep us posted on your decision
  3. I hope you got it. That is a great bag and is not too old to you.
  4. For price i'd get it girl, but because that range is lambskin leather be careful not to get it caught on sharp objects or your nails as it will scratch. :okay:
  5. no way. think of it this way.. you can use when youre older too ^_^
  6. I think the hobo style suits younger people quite well, I hope that you get it.
  7. Get it! It's a gorgeous bag & no way too old for you. I'm 18 & I would buy it.
  8. Nope not too old, Lady Dior styles are classics and can fit any age and moreso, never go out of style!
  9. not too old at all. i think that style suits younger ppl more IMHO, but suits all ages. that's a fantastic deal - yes better than the outlets - so get it!!!!
  10. Ha sorry I'm chuckling over the "for someone older like 25" :roflmfao:

    Great bag for any age. I think the ones that looked older are the Lady Dior Cannage and more of the square totes, but it really all depends on what it's worn with.
  11. WOW..that is such a great deal!!! I hope you got it!!!
  12. That's a fantastic price for a Lady Dior piece! Lady Dior bags are timeless, sophisticated and evergreen - they suit a variety of occasions across different age groups. Because most pieces are constructed from lambskin, they do require more careful handling than say calfskin, but should serve you well with due care.