Lady Dior Question-help!!!


Oct 14, 2007
Hi; I am looking to buy one lady dior for my mom as a gift; She wants a Grey Color--does anyone know if the lady dior (small) comes with Grey Color and in lamb skin?

Also any idea where is cheapest to buy? I need some SA info!!! (tax free is best ::yahoo:)


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Jun 22, 2009
if you are in US they still sell them in store and online . those bag haven't made it to the outlet yet so if you want it cheapper , the alternative solution is to buy it used from a reputable consigment store . (the last lady dior i bought i had to pay 10 percent taxes on top of the final price )

i dont know if it come in grey lamb skin however i remember seeing a grey lady dior satin in the store .

here is how it looks like
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