Lady Dior Pochette with chain strap

  1. this pochette keeps telling me to own her~ haha its $770 and comes in white and black. i know black will be more practical but theres something about white that draws my attention more...think its worth buying?
  2. yessssss. although perhaps you could ring dior up and enquire if there's any other colours than white or black if you're really concerned about the white getting dirty. my gut feeling tells me it might come in pink, but i'm not too sure. good luck and please post pictures if you do get it... i'd love to see more pictures of the pochette. ;)

    ahhh, EDIT!
    i just saw jinsun's post, it DOES come in pink! perhaps pink would be a nice middle ground between white and black?
  3. i was gonna purchase this on eluxury but would it be better to contact dior and see if they have it???
  4. ^
    i guess if you're looking for the pink one, then you'd have to ring up dior (since elux stocks only the white & black ones). and reading jinsun's post, it seems like the dior in hawaii were out of the white ones.
  5. Yes it's worth buying! This clutch is actually not terribly expensive considering it's leather and Dior...When I first saw it on the catalogue that Zerodross posted, I thought it was going to cost over $1000.

    If the white color speaks to you, then you should get it! You don't want to end up getting the clutch in black and then wish that it were white instead.
  6. i just recently got white chanel im thinking if i should see if theres pink or just go ahead and get!!
  7. hehehe, white chanel flap! I WANT PICTURES! :drool::drool:
    i'd think that the pink would be a baby pink (see the picture i've attached). if the pink speaks to you, then go for it. if your heart is still with the white, then i'd say, go for it (too)! the lady dior white pochette is very different from chanel's classic flap, in my opinion, both are classics in their own right but the pochette is like a flirtier, younger version of the chanel classic flap. plus i don't think one can have too many white bags or any other colour for that matter. it's all about how much you love that particular colour on that particular bag. :yes:

    but if it's of some practical concern to you, maybe you could decide using your wardrobe? would a pink pochette go more with your wardrobe or a white one? (that was how i decided between the burgandy/red gaucho and the metallic gold one... plus lots of egging on by PFers and my friends too.)
    pink lady dior clutches.jpg
  8. ITA with may!
    and may, remember how i was telling you i thought $770 for a pochette was pretty expensive? i take it back! the more i look at this baby, the more i think, "hey! it's only $770 for such a beautiful thing!" :lol:
  9. yea the chanel flap i have and this pochette is totally different look...i wanted to buy this pochette for my best friends wedding...but not sure what im gonna wear that day...i might be maid of honor...but i guess ill wear it for other occassions too. would white or pink be better? isnt pink too childish? heres the pix of my white chanel flap.
    chanel 012.jpg
  10. It is so cute.
  11. I'd go for the pink:smile:

    Nice Chanel bag, btw
  12. the pink is wayyy cute! :love:
  13. I saw both the pink and the black at Dior and they are both very pretty! The black seems a bit more dressy but the pink is a nice, fresh bit of color. Any color you choose will be gorgeous. The super duper luxe lambskin is to die for! :smile:
  14. omg! the white ds stitch flap you have is gorgeous! (my friend has the black version and i think the bag just looks terrific on anyone)

    i'd say go for the pink. i don't think it's childish at all and i think the pastel pink would compliment nicely for any wedding occasion.