Lady Dior - Pink - Questions!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hello forums. I'm BRAND new here and I was wondering about the current sizes of the well known, quite elegant, and ravishing Lady Dior bags. I want to purchase one for my fiance soon (in the next few weeks) and I know she's been raving about the pink one. Does it come in any specific sizes, and the price as well? Preferably large. Thank you in advance ladies, men, and gods of these forums ;)
  2. Small, medium, large and shopping. :smile:
  3. I have 2 Lady Diors - a medium (black patent) and a large (beige lambskin). Medium is 24cm x 20 cm (and cost me AU$3,000 new). Large is 32cm x 25.5 cm (and cost me AU$2,900 new). I hope that helps.
  4. I note you're in Hawaii. Check the Saks and Neiman Marcus web sites for US prices.
  5. Isn't there an evening (mini) version of the lady Dior as well? Or is it the small? Correct me if I am wrong, but it should be around $1400-$1600 US...
  6. That's the small size.
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    Alright so there are Small, Medium, Large, and Shopping? Which would you ladies use for an "everyday" use.


    Sadly Saks 5th and Neimun Marcus do not carry the "Pink" Lady Dior bag. Which kind of makes me sad :sad: anyone know how much it might be straight out of the store? I've been doing research for weeks now and I can't seem to figure out if they have the "PINK" one in different sizes other then "small".
  8. The pink should exist across all the sizes.

    I would suggest calling a few Dior boutiques to enquire about stock availability and prices. They would be able to advise what exactly is showing up on the system and if they can transfer any stock for you. This, to me, seems like the easiest, most logical thing to do. Full contact details of all the Dior boutiques can be found by using the boutique locator on the Dior web site, at

    Small is really only suitable for evening or cocktail use.
    Medium is the campaign bag that's always featured in ads and is the "standard" size. It is suitable for day through to night and can be dressed up or down.
    Large is more roomy and spacious and is great for day use.
    Shopping is perfect for day use and particularly for work as it fits A4 folders, files, magazines, papers etc.
  9. That pink color is soooo ravishing... does it come in lambskin? I've seen carnation colored one, not as appealing as the one in the picture; please post picture if you get it! Goodluck!
  10. Only in lambskin.
  11. I would usually call but at the times I'm on here is late at night when I have time to actually do things for my self. I work for myself so I'm the boss of myself and having that shouldered responsibility doesn't give me much time to myself. Work hard, play harder as they say. So that's why I came to these forums to receive answers. Not to sound brash or rude! It's just much easier to get professional help from ladies/men such as yourselves who are willing to help others in need.

    Once again thank you for the information. Just the pricing for the Medium/Large would be greatly appreciated!
  13. somebody to convince me wether to go for the lady dior or the ALMA LV verni??
  14. i think the lady dior is better and more classy and timeless than LV

  15. To be honest those two bags are so different that i find it impossible to choose, I want both! If you have to choose, I would suggest to have a looka t your style and which one would suit your daily wardrobe better.