Lady dior permanent colours?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m hoping to get the classic medium lady dior in the next couple months but am having hard time finding out which are the permanent colours and how often they bring out seasonal? Obviously I know the black is a permanent and is it the powder pink? I really like the opal grey but think that this was a seasonal colour, anyone shed some light on this for me please?
  2. Black, Gris Dior (Dior Grey), Rose Poudre (Powder Pink), red, and off-white seem to be permanent colours as they are easy to find. Different iterations of blue are easy to find as well. I suggest getting the colour that you like rather than basing your decision on whether a colour is seasonal or not. Some colours are beautiful but are only produced for one season, so it's best to get them while they're around.
  3. thank you so much I love the opal grey but I don’t think it’s available all the time do I just wanted to know which colours are always avalible I’m not purchasing until a few months yet so there maybe some new colours then
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