Lady Dior patent leather aging, issues etc.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am new here in TPF and I hope you can help me with my Lady Dior purchase.

    I have always been a Chanel girl but lately I started to have an interest in Lady Dior - particularly the patent ones and am considering buying my first one, so I want to ask some questions about it

    I have heard that patent is not so popular because of color transfer, humid climate, storage issues etc. but whenever I look at Lady Dior, only the patent ones take my breath away, never the lambskin (which is kinda unexpected for me as I LOVE chanel lambskin despite its fragility) - so in this post, I would like to ask about Lady Dior patent leather only.
    • Aging - Could anyone here kindly help educate me on how Lady Dior age over time? (10-20 years time).
    I tried to look up threads in TPF, youtube, google, etc. but mostly I only found content about the above issues and lambskin aging.I have not found a source where Lady Dior patent leather aging is discussed so I apologize in advance if there is already a post about this.​
    • Color transfer - I do not wear jeans often so I am not worried but how about normal dark clothing? (black/colored trousers/pants and midi skirts?)
    I live by dark and bright colored (blue, green, red, etc.) clothing and will never sacrifice it for any bag - (which is why my chanels are all black so far) - so I want to know if I should not consider Lady Dior because of this and their patent leather's high potential of getting color transfer and getting yellow-y later on?
    I am considering red patent mini lady dior - is this red good enough to be considered as a color that will not get color transfer like the black one? (so tempted to snatch the black one and be at ease with color transfer worry but I cannot justify another black after all my black chanels)​
    • Humid climate & storage - I live in Asia where it is pretty humid (very humid and hot during summer) - can anyone advise me on proper storage for my bag to maintain their shape and keep them for a long time?
    • Scratch resistant - I have heard patent is less prone to scratches compared to lambskin but I have nails so are they strong against it like chanel caviar?
    • Popularity - on Youtube and TPF posts I have seen so far, lambskin seems to be so much more popular than patent, unlike in Chanel where lots of people are nervous about lambskin. Is there any particular reason why Patent is so unpopular other than the reasons above? (which I feel like lambskin should have too)
    Any advice/experience/story/wisdom would really be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I suggest a patent black leather Lady Dior in this case. It won't show colour transfer and yellowing because of the dark colour.

    You should get what you want, what is not popular. You have to like the bag you get. It's for you, after all.

    Patent leather can show rubbing and scratches too, but not as easily. If the patent plastic layer is rubbed too much, it will dull.
  3. thank you averagejoe for the advice.
    So the red patent is prone to color transfer and yellowing too then...

    And sorry I was not so clear but I am not so concerned about popularity regarding my bags. I was just wondering why patent was so unpopular despite looking so beautiful and if there are reasons that I miss or did not know about but should.

    Would you happen to know how patent leather age over 10-20 years time?

    Thank you!
  4. A dark red patent won't show yellowing as easily, but because it is not black, it can start looking warmer in tone over the years.
  5. In fact, I was relating a happy experience with my LD here just last week.

    I live in hot, humid Asia as well & right next to the sea. I love love love patent for their low maintenance. I had been very happy with my Roger Vivier & Manolo Blahnik patent purchases prior to my CD purchases in 2010/11. Within a few months of each other in 2010/11, I had purchased from CD half a dozen bags. All of them were patent LDs other than a lone patent Granville. Then I bought patent shoes to go with each except for my black patent LD.

    Then in 2018, I discovered that my grey patent Granville had practically changed into khaki:nuts:(see attached picture). I immediately took my bag back to CD. After a month, the mgr from the leather goods dept gave me a store credit & told me that CD patent bags were of high quality & such color change had almost NEVER happened. And that the company recognized that the batches produced in or around 2010 were problematic & they had now fixed the problem.

    It's now almost 10 yrs after the purchases. My dark-coloured patent LDs are as good as new(I have attached my burgundy LD here). No color transfers. No scratches. No change of shape. But some had become sticky & I have to wipe them to remove the stickiness. All my RV & MB patent shoes have NOT changed colors as well. So patent should be able to endure 10 yrs of rough use if they are of good quality.

    Hope that helps. IMG-20200228-WA0002.jpg IMG-20200223-WA0000.jpg
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  6. I see. Thank you!!
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  7. omg thank you so much for the photos!! They are so helpful.
    is the yellow bag supposed to be grey originally?? wow! :O

    the burgundy bag is 10 years old!!? she looks beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!
    Do you mind sharing tips on caring and keeping the bag so well???

    I visited the boutique and found the new collection's green-ish? grey patent to be so beautiful too! but the color transfer and yellowing are probably gonna be worse on this one over the years...
    the red next to it is the one I am thinking about (and totally in love with)
    she is a brighter red than your burgundy so Im not sure if she is gonna do as well as your LD.

    Attached Files:

  8. Yes. The Granville was classic CD grey when I purchased it in 2010. It became khaki:eek:.Hence after 8 yrs, CD was willing to give me the full refund in store credit. They said they had improved the formula. But have they? I wonder!

    I was also seriously considering buying the red one you show in the picture. It is GORGEOUS:tup:! But I am the type who needs a large bag since I bring my entire life with me whenever I go out. And a big red patent LD would attract too much attention. Hence I got the burgundy one instead.

    Patent should NOT require much maintenance & shouldn't change color if they are of hi quality. My Manolo & RV shoes have been thru' numerous rainy days in hot humid Asia & there is no color change. But I do have a dehumidifier which is almost always on in the summer. Air cons are always on except in the few winter months.

    I don't know about color change as I have never experienced it on my LDs. But I have seen newsprint on hi street patent bags though.

    I have seen BOTH the greenish grey & cherry red medium LD last week in the boutique. They are gorgeous. If I were a young lady, I would definitely buy the cherry red one. You won't regret it. So eye-catching:tup:.

    Do let us know what u have decided. Best of luck!
  9. wow! dior gave you full refund in store credit after 8 years!!?? that is amazing aftersales service (which would never happen with Chanel haha)

    I see. I watched somewhere on Youtube someone said she needed to buy a dehumidifier too.
    Did you do anything else to maintain the shape? I have seen crazy vintage patent LD in very pitiful shape but you keep yours so well especially for such a big size bag!!

    I love this red one! I wear dark/black clothes and red lipstick often so it would be a nice pop of color for my outfit! But I saw somewhere on the internet that they have a small size red patent LD and I also saw black patent LD in the boutique too. So I asked and they said they dont make it in red but I had experience in the past with both Chanel and Dior where they said something wont be made anymore and then later on they have it or I found it in another boutique location in the same city lol

    My heart is definitely set on the red patent LD now! but I will try to go hunt for that small size and see if they have it in other location before deciding to snatch the mini or small.

    Thank you so much!!! for your helpful review and picture!
  10. I believe EVERY brand would rather give u a refund if their product has a manufacturing defect. I believe every forumer who intends to get a light-colored patent from CD wouldn't hesitate over color change anymore after reading my experience. On the other hand, how much business would they lose if the story was that I had been stuck with this grey-turned-khaki Granville for the rest of my life:tdown:?

    U must store the bag upright stuffed with tissue in its dustbag. The "puffs" would deflate if u allow the bag to lie on its side. I live near the sea so I put desiccants inside my bags as well. I have seen newsprint on hi street patent so I NEVER let newspapers touch my bag. If u have finally decided to get a big LD, don't stuff heavy things in it or else the bag would sag.

    My SA told me that black, red & grey are permanent colors & they will always be in production. As a matter of fact, I was picking up another LD on 14 Feb & a medium cherry red patent LD accidentally got in the frame. I love love love this color. It goes well with ALL neutrals.

    Good luck & we look forward to your reveal:yahoo: IMG-20200301-WA0010.jpg !
  11. Thank you for the useful tips regarding storing and stuffing the bag.
    I am already set on LD red patent but I think I may want to wait a bit more until I see the small size red patent to make the final decision whether to snatch the mini or the small.
    (I dont want to buy the mini and then months later see the small and regret cuz the black patent already had small size coming out now and mini red patent LD is always on production so I can buy whenever I want)

    Congratulations on your Valentine LD bag!! :biggrin: which one did you pick up?
  12. I just got into the Dior US website & discovered that your desired cherry red patent small LD bag is in fact available:panic:.
    My SA told me two weeks ago that if I wanted any bag transferred from overseas, CD would do it for me provided that I put down a deposit.
    I got a powdered blush lambskin last month :yahoo:since I really wanted a light-colored LD but was worried that a pastel patent would change color within a few yrs, just like my light grey large Dior purchased 10 yrs back:-s. I really hope that some forumers who have purchased pastel patent bags recently could chime in.
    Hope u can get your red Lady Dior soon. Do remember to do a reveal so we can all share your joy. IMG-20200302-WA0002.jpg IMG-20200302-WA0002.jpg
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  13. omg I knew it!! This is why I have trust issues with my luxury brand SAs lol
    I always end up seeing the things 'they do not make' months later after being told that. :wtf:
    I asked 3 boutiques but they kept telling me they do not make this in size small for red patent.

    If this is already out in US, then it will be out sooner or later this year in Asia I think (also depending on the virus situation though...) Thank you!!

    After all the research I did, I think lambskin is better for lighter color, despite the fragility.
    Enjoy your new baby! :tup:
  14. Hi you mind sharing which country are you residing? I'm from Singapore and I faced the same problem with my patient beige Lady D which I hardly use. I called the boutique here and was told that they cant do anything about it. Thanks in advance!
  15. I guess u need to prove BEYOND any DOUBT that the drastic color change is a manufacturing defect. I bought about half a dozen patent bags from CD within a yr or two & I just took back the light grey Granville for refund, not the dark-coloured ones. I could prove beyond any shadow of doubt that their coating was problematic because the patent part surrounding the zipper compartment was still light grey. That proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the change of color was not due to my home environment , but due to light exposure.

    For your LD, u should be able to show them that the shoulder strap & bag proper are of 2 TOTALLY different colors. This way, CD can't argue that the environment at your home(which should affect BOTH strap & bag)has caused the color change. I never used the strap & hence the strap sat at home & did not change color. Again I have proved beyond any shadow of doubt that their coating changed color in the presence of light/sun.

    A slight yellowing of light colors is expected. But definitely not changing from light grey to khaki:eek:. Do let us know what happened in your future negotiations. Hope that helps.