Lady dior owners please advice

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  1. i am planning to buy a lady dior large size but i am not sure about the leather lambskin or patent !!!
    is the lamskin very delicate ? also i hate the look of the fingerprints on the patent so please help me decide :sad:
  2. I was at the local CD boutique about a month ago trying to decide between a lambskin or patent black large Lady Dior handbag. Finally I got the patent one with SHW. I guess the large LD should be an everyday bag & patent leather is more appropriate. Surprisingly, maybe because of the Carnege pattern on the bag, fingerprints don't show up that easily. But I wipe my bag after each wearing though before returning it to the box.

    I also have their LE30 which is made of red lambskin. It was also purchased a month ago. I think CD's lambskin is quite good as my lambskin bag which I use almost daily still bears no scratches.YET! :biggrin:
  3. Definitely lambskin for large size, especially that you dont like the fingerprints on patent! Dior lambskin holds up very well IMHO.