Lady Dior Long Wallet?

  1. Hey, does anybody have the lady dior long wallet in pink. If so, do you find it is the right size for a clutch adn does it have a chain which can be tucked in. The pic on the website seems to show a silver chain which can be brought out to use as a handle. Thanks x
  2. Hi Prittie_Hippie!

    I don't own the long Lady Dior wallet but I've seen it in person and it doubles as a beautiful clutch (there is a bigger compartment in the inside which can fit a bit of makeup I think) with a chain handle and metal DIOR charms.

    Zerodross owns a to-die-for preforated Lady Dior wallet which is about the same size! She may be able to provide better insight! :biggrin:
  3. I bought the wallet in pink from Neimans but had to return it yesterday because it was the wrong shade of pink. But its a really good size for a clutch and it does have a removable chain that connects on the inside. Alos, it has a bunch of compartments on the inside for storage.
  4. YES, I actually just got the Dior wallet that you mention. It comes in lambskin or the regular plastic like canvas. I find it perfect for a roomy wallet but as a clutch I don't think its big enough to carry a cell phone. The interior is plastic with some fabric so I'm making sure I am extra carefull when stuffing credit cards inside. The chain is detachable. Overall I think it's a really cute wallet/clutch. You should go to the Dior store they have more variety of the clutch in different colors.
  5. My mom actually has that wallet in black lambskin and she uses it as a clutch. It fits all of her usual wallet stuff and her cellular phone. It is very elegant as a clutch and imho looks more like a clutch than a wallet. TDF! :yes: