Lady Dior in lambskin or patent or Alma PM in Epi leather

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  1. I get one new bag every year and this year I'm contemplating between the Lady Dior and the Alma PM in Epi leather. I think handheld bags are very elegant and would add a bit of sophistication to my attire. I'm torn between the two. Also, wondering if lambskin or patent would be better shoild I get the Lady Dior. For the Alma, I know it will be the Epi leather. Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  2. Well since your in the Louis thread you know what most of us will say. Alma!! Classic bag that never goes out of style.
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  3. if you ever resell your bags the dior will lose thousands, literally. they do not hold value. but they are just as timeless as the alma. pick the dior in lamb, if you go that route b/c patent in every designer collection is less valued. do you have a preference for opening your bag? the alma has a dual zip and the dior has the single zip with a super tiny opening for your hand, so that might be a problem if you go in/out of your bags a lot? i have owned both, and if you're only comparing the dior (lamb) to alma epi then i'd go dior lamb over epi. epi is a rigid and textured leather that doesn't really compare to the elegance of dior lamb leather. the shape is also a factor, as one is a box and one is quite ladylike and domed, so maybe consider how different bag shapes appeal to you as well. i sold both, but if i had to pick again (and forget about resale), i'd pick the dior.
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  4. Alma is classic and gorgeous
  5. My vote would be the Alma
  6. Thanks for the comments. Which do you think is more elegant?
  7. My vote would be the Dior provided you are not concerned about resale value.
  8. If you tend to change your collection around I'd go with the Alma, as previously mentioned you'll get more of your money back (I think the hot pink is gorgeous!). If you go for the Dior I'd go for patent; I've owned a lambskin bag once before...and never again!; it lasted a while but once it started scuffing it was like the whole bag went. I don't baby my bags but I do alternate them and I definitely expected it to have a longer lifespan.
  9. Alma for a longer lifespan.
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