Lady Dior has any discount?

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  1. Hi

    This is my first Lady Dior bag, I found it in our local TJMAX RUNWAY section and it is extra large size of lady dior with red lambskin color.

    I know this is classic Dior handbag and I am curious have you guys heard about any sales on Lady dior? I just can't believe it.

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. WoW i didn't know tjmaxx has dior designer handbags, if you can i'd love to see pics!! What price did you get it at?

    I recently scored a large size lady dior on bluefly for $1700US so it was definately less than the retail price.
  3. Mine is extra large size. what color did you get? I never see any lady dior on sale before. mine is red. I dont know how to resize my pic yet.


  4. A week ago I also got one large red lambskin Dior lady from TJMAX runway section. It is too good deal to miss. I hardly saw any sale on this bag anywhere else.
  5. By the way, I also saw a white Gucci and several Prada Nylon bags from our local TJMAX runway section.
  6. I always see the lady dior bags at TJMax runway area too!!! I've so far seen patent navy blue medium size, white patent medium size, red large patent, and black with shw medium lambskin. They are all around 1300 to 800$! I ended up getting the navy blue one and I only go there for the bags now!

  7. Wow! good to know, I thought Lady dior would never be on sale!:biggrin:
  8. Wow... R the stock brand new? The prices r unbelievable...
  9. Yes. it's unbelievable deal. somestimes TJMAX does carry the brand new stock. It all depends on your luck. I saw they are selling 2010 new season fendi handbag, the price is only 60% of price in NM and Saks.
  10. I just heard from my friends that they bought LD large white lambskin from the airport at Korea about USD1,000 and medium lambskin only at USD960. It was on sales somewhere in the terminal but not in the Dior Boutique. It was sooooo cheap and I was so jealous of her especially when she told me she was about to pick up the pink medium lambskin for me but her card was almost full :lecture:
  11. lol
    little P i would have definetly died if she told me this lol
  12. Do you mind telling me exactly what T.J. Maxx you found this in? I too live in Boston. I literally ransacked the store in Downtown Crossing with no luck.

    I chased down employee after employee asking if they had any Lady Dior bags, to only get "a what bag???" response! :tdown:

    So again, if you could PLEASE let me know what Mass. T.J. Maxx you found the LD in, I'd be forever in debt if I actually found one!
  13. dying to know as well~! :nuts: will be moving to boston soon~~

  14. woah no way!! i had no idea TJ Maxx carried Dior! where do you live? please tell me CA so i can g to the same store you went to, haha.
  15. wow. this is unbelievable!