Lady Dior Handles?

  1. Hi Ladies... I am keen to purchase a black Lady Dior (I think it is the medium size I have seen).

    On Diabro I noticed one however the pics of the handles seem to be different to the handles posted my many of you guys, of your purchases.

    Does the bag come in two different style handles? I more structured design and a more rounded curvey handle?

    If you could please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi Beani_p!

    Yep! The Lady Dior comes in two different handle styles. One of them is structured and stiff, like this:

    While the other is curvey and more relaxed (it's flexible):

    I hope this helps!
  3. Thanks MayDay... wow didn't know that it looked so different in comparison... I think I definitely prefer the structured handles - looks more elegant... will wait till I can track this one down..

    thanks again