Lady Dior from Lafayette, made in France?

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    Recently I bought a lady Dior from Galaries Lafayette, Paris for my friend. Here is the interesting part: The tag inside the bag says its made in France, when I googled around the only feed back I get is all Dior are made in Italy.

    Then I proceed to text the Dior SA that work in Lafayette and her respone was: The leather come from Italy/Spain/France, so it is normal that the bag is made in France. All she can do is ask me to email to Dior to ask.

    The tag code format is different from the one I searched online, the one I googled is something like xx-xx-xxxx, the one from lafayette is xx-xxxx. And also, the bag doesn't come with any authentication card or things like that.

    Anyone got any experience with this?

    Ps* photos down below are the receipt, tax refund, the bag's tag.

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  2. I've seen this before when authenticating. I thought it was fake because the details look different. If you got it from Galleries Lafayette, then it's authentic. Dior and other LVMH brands have been expanding their production in France, and this is probably a result of that.

    Different production facilities sometimes show different date codes, since they follow their own format.
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  3. Thats the first time Ive seen this. Joe is probably right.
    Though this made me think of people buying authentic from the stores and swapping the authentic bag with a fake and returned the fake. But maybe im overthinking it.
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  4. I thought that too originally. I still have my doubts, because I have yet to see it in person, and only two newer members have reported this.
  5. I did the same observation. Part of the newly production of classic Lady Dior are made in France. Actually when you compare the Made in Italy and the Made in France, there is a tiny tiny difference : the stiching on the sides looks different
  6. I hope to see these differences in person. I still haven't seen one of the Made in France ones yet.
  7. F7C8B321-5CC2-44D7-A9EB-155FC04329B2.jpeg B9B191FB-EDA3-43B5-B9F0-468116D3AF71.jpeg 5941734A-9F8D-45C1-9F0C-98DFDCF7D4B3.jpeg I’ve bought a medium black lambskin Lady Dior today from Dior in Puerto Banus, Spain today and I can confirm that it has ‘Made in France’ and the different type serial number.
  8. 102E0FDD-CEFC-4F26-A60D-386B1B52B734.jpeg If you want, I can try and get a clearer photo of the label stitching too.
  9. Thanks for posting these photos!
  10. 810D695B-B37E-41DF-8EC3-6A3E282E14CE.jpeg 9A40F2BE-4B09-4915-8E61-FA255B5D9EA7.jpeg Sorry, this photo of the stitching isn’t as clear as jtyng’s but you get the idea. I think the dust bag has changed as well so I’ve attached a photo of that as well. Hopefully, this helps with future authentications.
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  11. 我也是,我在意大利买了它。

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  12. I know this is an old thread, but Dior is using different contractors for its leather goods and they may change from a season to the next depending on the contract and volume. So I don't think made in France vs Italy is important. Legally yhey could do like certain other brands (some Louboutin products) and put made in the EU, but I guess made in France or Italy is better marketing.
  13. My concern originally was the font of the Christian Dior logo. It looks off compared to their other bags.

    I would rather them be specific about which country their products are made in, rather than the EU because that can cover Romania where labour is cheaper, like where Miu Miu manufactures some of its merchandise.
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  14. It's a complex issue for sure. I'm not sure labor in certain circumstances in Italy is much more expensive than in Romania (see Italian China towns) and many of the Eastern and south Eastern EU countries are in dire need of investment. Many of the countries are experiencing unprecedented population losses and at least some of the luxury multinationals would probably contribute to the economy in a good way. LVMH (LV) has a manufacture for shoes in Romania through a daughter company called Somarest sarl. Even if the product is finished in Italy and ends up being sold as made in Italy,most of the production happens in Romania. The same has happened in Serbia in the past, but not sure if it's still going on, (it isn't even in the EU). Given the connection between Dior and LV, it's very likely that Dior also does at least part of the manufacturing in Romania and it might not be limited to shoes. I don't see how this can be a bad thing unless the companies are contributing to exploitative conditions or it leads to an inferior product. The latter can be solved with tight quality control and it could just as easily be an issue with French or Italian sub contractors.
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  15. It's definitely a fine line nowadays, especially with documentaries made with hidden cameras into the truth behind the "made in Italy" or "made in France" claims which can turn into a PR nightmare for any brand making these claims.
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