Lady Dior East/West Bag

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  1. i love this bag!! what do u think about this bag!!??:love: :love:

  2. i love it. they've an updated version of it which the cannage quilting is of little perforated dots that are pink in colour. you should definitely have a look at the new one. i was kicking myself for getting this old(er) version when i saw the new version of it.

    i've included a photo of the new version but in a long wallet/clutch form. i don't have the actual pictures of the new version in the east/west, unfortunately.

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  3. I think it's a classic and elegant design. I say go for it. :yes:
  4. Super cute! A bit pricey though.
  5. Agree on the price issue, especially for a small bag. That clutch is so cute!
  6. I agree with Kat... really cute, but pricey
  7. ^ Exactly my thoughts too! Cute, but a bit on the pricey side for what it is...
  8. :heart: it! Timeless piece. :hrmm: on the price.
  9. I think your old one looks much better than this perforated one! I do like this new version, but the classic quilted design on the East/West bag makes it super classy! At least the quilted design is guaranteed to be in style forever!
  10. :yes::yes:
    too true, as much as i am loving my first new chanel right now, my heart remains with dior's cannage quilting - it's just so much more interesting! :love: no offence to the chanel lovers out there.
  11. I think it is a very elegant and classic design. Saw it at Dior and totally loved it! Absolutely gorgeous... :smile:
  12. Very pretty. =)
  13. A bit late, but I have this one in the peachy creamish color & it is a great bag. The Bag holds more than I expected it too & it is really comfy to wear on your shoulder if need be. The structure makes it seem larger & hold more w/o bulging so if you are still debating I say it's a winner.
  14. I'm kind of late on this but is this bag even still available? I went into a local boutique and the salesperson said she hasn't even heard of it(?) and it might be an item sold outside the U.S? I heard from a friend it might be an on-line only bag? Is that true or is she just lying?

    I love the simple and thinner handles. :heart: