Lady Dior colours

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  1. Does anyone know if the My Lady Dior was ever released in grey lambskin with silver hardware? All the ones I've seen are with gold hardware. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Can you please help me to choose between these colours?
    They are Raspberry, Coral, Dark red and beige. Dark red and beige are in patent leather.
    F6A2ABD2-A279-4F23-81EF-C4B8C5EAA0B4.jpeg 8DA50F6A-8476-4892-8710-B0FCF888E2B1.jpeg 04522E52-EC14-41FD-B4CA-457FF72EE634.jpeg 5FBB3E52-E5E7-4F3C-B656-C5C7F243B6C1.jpeg
  3. The
    I vote for the coral.
  4. i vote for raspberry
  5. I vote for the beige. The other colors are very nice too, but the beige is yummy and goes with so much!
  6. Does Dior always have a wide color range in patent. I am going to the store tomorrow hopefully I can find something!
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  7. Dark Red gets my vote; neutral but still a rich colour.
  8. Hey, does Lady Dior have gold versions this season? I'm going to London & Paris in Feb next year and would like a gold Lady Dior bag.
    I think the above bag is from a 2016 / 2017 collection. The colour is absolutely perfect for me.
  9. On second thought, gold would be awful for my collection lol be sensible Madeleine x
  10. There is a gold lady dior mini in calfskin that came out around June, I did get one and it’s so beautiful.
    My friend is on the hunt for this color after she saw me using one, hopefully there will be stores who still have some stocks left.
  11. On another note, I would like to ask fellow members here, is there anyone who have a lady dior mini in grey?
    I am thinking of purchasing another mini but I am contemplating of colors either on black patent in GHW or grey instead.
    I already have a medium lady dior in red patent and mini in gold calfskin.
  12. Does anyone know what this color is called? My friend was just one dior in Florida and saw this pink bag with gold hardware and it looks more pink than the Rose Poudre so I really want to know what it’s called!
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  13. My SA at Vegas told me this is called baby pink, I was surprised saw that too because I thought they only came in Rose Poudre, I want it in mini lady Dior but he searched for me and it already sold out, if I know there’s this pink I won’t buy the lotus pink mini Dior.
  14. E776DE04-1201-4C03-904B-57620C1A1702.jpeg
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  15. Three pink comparison that he did it for me