Lady Dior colours

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  1. I also saw a Grey (pearl) medium in lambskin displayed in Dior Selfridges couple of days ago. It was identical to the one I got earlier from Vancouver so they are definitely out there. I must say the Grey is absolutely beautiful and I would highly recommend!
  2. MLD was available in grey in New Bond street boutique as well. I saw it couple of weeks ago.
    I think it's a very pretty colour although I chose to get blue-grey (cloud blue) instead as I have too many grey clothing items and didn't want such a beautiful bag to disappear against the background.
  3. It's definitely indigo blue.
  4. What do you think of the supple calfskin Lady? Think it is a more casual bag? I am contemplating buying this in the navy blue ((not sure of actual name color). I was hoping to find it in red, but was told no[emoji45]. I wear a lot of black so was hoping it will look alright.
  5. I think it has a more casual vibe for sure especially with the strap but I've used mine quite a few times without strap for evenings out. In my opinion it can actually balance out more formal outfits. As for the blue colour I haven't seen it in person but it sounds like an interesting option. I'd suggest to dress up the way you would most likely to wear it and try it out in the boutique.
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  6. Unfortunately I do not live anywhere near a boutique. I have to order it aight unseen [emoji45]
  7. *sight
  8. I recently bought a silver in small. Trust me, the silver goes with everything! Literally almost everything! It can be dress up for evening and can be casual for day. Not to mention, it goes with every color of my outfits!
  9. Yes, I can confirm it is Indigo Blue :smile:
  10. Thanks for your advice! I'm still confused by the colour releases, because I asked about bag colours maybe - two months ago? - and there were no blue Lady Diors then, but this looks like a colour from last year? Maybe we got a shipment, who knows.

    Anyway, I do love the colour, so I bought the bag! It's so pretty and the lambskin is so soft, I can't help but stroke it. I also love that the strap is adjustable (is this only on the newer bags?) so I can wear it cross-body too.

    The SA did say that they are increasing the price of bags in Australia so I'm glad I didn't wait.
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  11. Congratulations!

    The strap is only adjustable on the "newer" Lady Dior bags (the ones produced in the last 2-3 years I believe).
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  12. Ok finally made my purchase! I bought my lady dior in Burgundy! I saw the Grey but somehow it was not me! But I bought the card holder in patent Grey to make up for it [emoji6][emoji4] will post pics soon. Thank you all for the best advice!
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  13. Can't wait to see your pics!
  14. congrats for your purchase!
    do you mind to share the picts of the burgundy and the grey that you saw? been looking for the burgundy in Asia for months but they said only come in EU, sadly.. :sad:
  15. Just come across this thread I am looking to get a pearly grey is it in stock all the time as it’s not on the website in the medium size
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