Lady Dior colours

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  1. I've been researching the Lady Dior bag, but I'm having some trouble working out what colours it comes in. Here is what I think I've found out, and I'd love to get them confirmed/denied. I'm interested in the medium or small (My Lady Dior) sizes so that's what this covers.

    • The medium size has a handful of colours available at any one time. The small has more colours available.
    • When the medium comes in calfskin, it's generally (always?) colours that aren't available in lambskin.
    • The medium will usually have a red, a pink, and a black each season, and then also have a seasonal colour or two?

    I saw a beautiful blue Lady Dior recently and I love the colour, but I was planning on getting one at Christmas and was enjoying the anticipation. I can't work out whether to pounce on the colour or wait and see what comes next. Any thoughts?

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  2. You're right. The calfskin colours are usually different from the lambskin colours (except for black). The medium should come in a lot of colours as well, with some being in stock from previous seasons that have not sold from the boutique due to the fact that they are not displayed on the floor.

    The colour of the medium Lady Dior you posted is gorgeous. You can wait to see what colours will be released, but there may be a price increase in the meantime (I think they do one before the holiday season), so don't wait too long. You can ask an SA to notify you when a price increase is about to happen. Some of them will tell you that they won't know until the day of, but they usually know a few days in advance.
  3. you know the color name for the gorgeous blue above? I have a blue de minuit (midnight blue) MLD but this is more vibrant I think.
  4. I think this is Indigo Blue.
  5. That's what I was thinking too...wonder if it would be redundant to have this in a medium with light gold hw and also an MLD in midnight blue with silver hw....hmmm. I love deep/vibrant blues!
  6. They are a bit close in colour, but at least the sizes are quite different, and the strap is very different. If you like this blue, and don't already have a medium Lady Dior, then I suggest getting it.
  7. Hi,

    I want to buy the My lady dior, but am confused with the colors. I don't want black, but would like a color which is very versatile. Could I do the Burgundy in lamb skin? Can I use it during summer? Any advise on what colors it would clash with. Really appreciate your advice. I am 5'3 in height and of Asian fair coloring.
  8. Burgundy goes well with lots of colours, like blues, olive greens, black, browns, fuchsia, plus many more. I can't think of many colours that would clash with burgundy, especially a very dark burgundy colour. You can dress your bag up with a light-coloured scarf around the handles for the summer season to add some light colours to the bag.
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  9. Thanks so much for that input! Given that I would like to use it as a formal bag would you recommend any of the other colors from this season?
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  10. I actually recommend grey. Grey is a great neutral that goes with everything. It goes with formal black looks, and also goes with colour.
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  11. Thanks so much! Will update my purchase [emoji6]
  12. Looks like Grey is not in UK :sad: it is a coming soon color
  13. Which shade of grey are you talking about? Ive seen a lot of greys in Harrods. These are the recent 3 i saw: gris (permanent), pearly grey (permanent), and blue grey (seasonal)
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  14. Oh I went to the dior store! New bond street
  15. Ok thanks so much going to check it out in Harrods [emoji4]
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