Lady dior color help

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  1. Hi,I want to buy my first lady Dior in medium size ☺and I need Color suggestions,I already have Chanel black with g/h so pls tell me which Color I should buy?i saw fuchsia,purple,grey colors in boutique and now I'm confused😏.and light Colors are easy to manage(Color transfer).
  2. I recommend a black one with silver hardware to start with. It's the most classic of the colours. If you want a lighter colour, then I suggest the patent pearlized Mink Grey. It's a colour unique to Dior, especially since grey is the house colour for the House of Dior.

    Lighter colours will always be easier to dirty and a bit more difficult to maintain, but that shouldn't restrict your wardrobe to only darker colours.
  3. Thanks a lot nice advice 👍
  4. My advice is get a unique color. You can get a basic black or tan purse at just about any fashion house, but Dior has a few unique colors that really pop. I figure if you're going to splurge on your first Lady Dior bag, get something that stands out and makes a statement.
  5. Totally agree with Sienna's suggestion! Get some colours other than black unless black is your favorite colour. :smile:
  6. Heehee... That's what I did when I got the LD in rose sorbet. But I also like the elegance of the beige patent or lambskin with the champagne GHW. LD in rouge patent is also stunning! And the pearlised grey is gorgeous.

    Have fun trying out the colors, OP. GL!
  7. Ooooh you have rose sorbet! I have Dior pumps in that color but haven't scored the Lady Dior yet. I bet you love it!
  8. The fushia lady dior! :smile: youve already have a black classic chanel bag..why not splurge on something fun and eye catching for a change ;)