Lady Dior clubhouse

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  1. Hi all ,

    Taking inspiration from other boards, I thought it would be a good idea if there was one place for everyone to post about this classic bag. People could post pictures and ask questions regarding the Lady Dior.

    I will post pictures of the one I tried in Selfridges later but please go ahead and start sharing !
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  2. Sharing the bag I tried on (didn't buy it and regret it)

    Anyone else want to share ? Any bags form the new collection ? IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1094.JPG
  3. Saw it at the boutique today. Lovely red
  4. That scarlet red is tdf :love:
  5. Walked away from this one but I might give in soon
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  6. I would go back ..such a cute piece !
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  7. Haha, yes, I wonder how I could leave her then... Been thinking about her every day since... but I'm saving now to go and get her
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  8. Did you go back for her? She's stunning
  9. Do let us know when you get her !

    No, that was the only piece left and , unsurprisingly, she is gone now. I didn’t want to buy the bag just because it was the only one left - I wanted to make sure I loved it.
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  10. Love this red! I've only seen a sim iliad red in the soft pebbled version, is this colour permanent in lambskin?
  11. No it isn’t - it was a seasonal colour. That was the only left apparently, and it’s gone now.
  12. I'm sorry that she's gone, but maybe there's another beautiful bag just waiting for you now And I totally get why you didn't buy her then!

    Will show a picture when I get her, but you'll have to wait a little - just like me
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  13. Got my first Dior in love
  14. Thanks for creating a clubhouse for the Lady :smile: she and the Chanel medium classic flap are my 2 most iconic bags that i'll never let go in my collection. Mine's the classic timeless model carried by Lady Diana (one with the zipper), size medium.

    Sharing a photo of mine, worn with the J'adior kitten heel slingbacks.

    Attached Files:

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  15. Congratulations Francis , such a lovely bag !

    As is yours Golden. A Lady clubhouse was definitely overdue ! Hopefully I shall join in with my own soon.
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