Lady Dior Cannage Tote?

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  1. Hi PursePpl. I'm a newbie here.

    I have a question. My grandma was making room in her purse closet and decided to giveaway some of her prized possessions to her ever-lusting grand-daughters.

    I got a vintage Dior. It is black fabric, quilted cannage with two zippers opening to a red cannage patterned inside. It is about medium size with the signature Dior gold letter charms on the outside handle.

    What purse is this?

    Need help. Thx.:confused1:
  2. i would say Lady Dior cannage tote...but post pics , girlie, post pics ! ( can u say we are pics hungry here ? ;) )
  3. oh ok... here are the pix. sorry, they're not so good pictures. couldnt get the lighting right.:tdown:
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg bag4.jpg
  4. it's a fabric version of the classic lady dior. congrats on such a fabulous gift from your grandma!
  5. :yahoo:Oh ok. Thanks.
  6. Wow, your grandma has great taste in bags! :tup:
  7. yeah, she certainly does.

    She's 80 years old this coming July. Any suggestions for what I might get her? She's been hinting that she really likes my Mini Lin Speedy 30, though.

    I think she bought the Lady Dior Cannage because she was and still is Princess Di's number one fan. :nogood:
  8. I :heart: the lady dior range, always so classy looking.

  9. hmm if she is giving you hints....i guess you should consider them seriously ! ;)
  10. Classic bag- your grandmother has great taste!
  11. Gorgeous bag, what an awesome gift and unexpected gift!