Lady Dior Cannage-Quilted Tote - other colors than black?

  1. hello,

    I'm new here, so I probably should go to the invitation thread and write a few words about me. Still, I have this one question that bugs me - does the Lady Dior Cannage-Quilted Tote come in other colors than black, in white, specifically? I couldn't find any info anywhere, all the shops have it only in black and it seems to me that there's no white version.

    My point is - is the person carrying such tote in white an ultimate fashion victim, or just a clueless knockoff-buyer?

    My apologies if I said something wrong. Still, I'd love to hear an answer to my question.

  2. It comes in black, white, pink, and denim.
    The other colors might just be harder to locate. If you're looking for the white try either eluxury or NM. One out of the two should have it in stock, online.
  3. Look in the outlets, they might probably have some. I saw today a couple of them in Orlando, FL:yes:
  4. Maye, that would be nice, but there's this slight problem - I live in Poland. No regular Dior shops, no outlets ;) That's why I'm asking. I can't find the white bag on the internet, so I came here, because this is the place to meet people who know a lot about bags.
  5. Oh, I see:oh:
  6. You have access to the internet.

    Go to and ask CS what colors that bag comes in.
  7. Leah, thanks so much.
  8. They actually come in a lot of colors. Pink, red, denim, silk, velvet ... it depends upon what year and model.
  9. They come in a variety of colors but the color I love the most has to be red.
  10. I love the red croc with the Dior gold danglings. I saw once in Paris but it was reserved for a lady.
  11. Anna, I have seen black , white, demin, pink and red. Hope this information helps ;)