Lady Dior Cannage-Quilted Bag

  1. Whats your opinion on this bag...

    black cannage-quilted lambskin.
    Silver metal hardware.
    Top handles with rings; hanging logo charms.
    Open top.
    8"H x 9 3/5"W x 4 2/5"D.

    Is it worth the $$?
  2. absolutely worth it it is an absolute classic! i love mine even though they are not trendy they are just so much more and the epitome of what dior was is and ever will be :yes:
  3. i think that this is a very classic bag. i saw a girl using it last weekend and she looks so good with it!!! like the name of the bag says, it's a very lady-like bag.

    the only problem that i had with it is... when i was at the dior boutique, the D actually fell off of bag onto the floor. :wtf:
  4. It's a nice classic bag that will last longer compared to their fashion bags. Check out all the variations before you buy. :nuts:
  5. Beautiful bag, very classy and elegant. I think this used to come in pink, which would completely melt my heart...
  6. It looks like a copy of Chanel. For this kinda pattern, I would rather go for the Chanel versions esp at this price. I feel its not representative of Dior.
  7. I like it.

    Actually I was told Dior started quilting before Chanel but Chanel made it famous so I don't know. But I thought about purchasing that bag also! So I do think its pretty
  8. Oh I didn't know that. So Chanel is the copycat.
  9. i have been wanting this bag for so... long. def get it.
  10. I love the quilted bag too.. it does come in different colors and textures too...but I hesitated to buy one because its only hand-held... can be quite tiring..
  11. The Lady Dior is divine! It was designed for Princess Diana many years ago, and holding this bag feels like holding a piece of royalty! I have two medium sized versions of this bag (I'm still looking for one in leather for a good price) and an adorable tiny evening version made with satin and rhinestone-studded hardware!!! If any of you are going to a Dior boutique to look for Lady Dior bags, do check out this satin evening comes in a variety of colors including an extravagant silver satin!!!

    And oh yes, the Dior cannage quilting pattern came before the Chanel one, and IMHO looks a bit better because the Chanel one is a bit too simple for my liking. I think Chanel made it more popular eventually because Chanel didn't (and still doesn't) have logo monograms like Gucci, Dior, Coach, and LV, and probably needed a design to distinguish the brand's bags.
  12. I have loved this bag since it came out over 10 years ago. A classic.
  13. This is a beautiful piece. I have had mine for over three years and still looks good. I actually have it in the red suede.
  14. ^ oh lucky you! yah i saw this pink one when I went to hong kong. the pink one iss really nice! i wish i had the money.
  15. I love that purse, it's a classic :yes: However I know that I would probably go for the tote style of it just because it's more functional and I don't like handbags. Either way, if you can afford it, you should go for it!
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