Lady Dior Cannage Colours??

  1. Hi Girls!

    I'm new here...I'm a big fan of Dior bags and am looking for my 3rd Dior bag to buy. I really like the Lady Dior Cannage bag, but i'm not sure if it comes in grey....Does anyone know? I've got plenty of bags in black and white and was thinking of buying a different colour bag this time...Hope you girls can help me out with this one. Thanks!!
  2. The dior nylon drawstring cannage comes in grey :smile:

    Haven't seen the traditional lady dior in this colour though.

  3. Yeah....I saw that on the website and was hoping they have the same colour for the Lady Dior bag....Was thinking to buy the drawstring cannage in black though...hehe...
  4. Ohhhh......I found the Lady Dior Cannage in silver at I think i want to buy it...hehe. I hope they have it in the stores here in Oz....:supacool:
    Dior Silver Cannage.jpg
  5. Wow, I didn't know it came in silver.

    We don't get a great range here IMO.

    I just bought a fuchsia ethnic hobo and we didn't get the entire range here so I didn't get the one I originally wanted but I love the one I chose.
  6. The silver Lady Dior is really pretty in person, I love it!
  7. wouldn't it be cute if the cannage drawstring was in silver too and not grey??
  8. Lovely! Thanks for this info, I need something in cannage...
  9. i saw a nylon one in purple some days ago in dior
  10. The purple and pink look so hot :drool:
  11. wow hadnt even contemplated the silver until now