Lady Dior: Bought a fake, seller giving me a tough time

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  1. I can really use help from lovely ladies of this forum. I've recently fallen in love with Dior and bought a beautiful studded lady dior. After the studded LD I decided to buy another one in patent leather. I found one which I liked, bought it and seller was very prompt too. After receiving the bag, I posted pics in the forum and now it's deemed fake. However, seller is not willing to accept the return and insisting it's real. I'm not sure how to proceed further as I never opened a case. Please help me, I'm so stressed.

    Here are the details

    Ebay link:

    item# 222119400777

    Seller comments: HI, This purse is 1000000% Authentic and valued at over $5k i just visited the South Coast plaza with the purse the other day. Have you tried visiting the actual Christian Dior store vs. a Purse forum with a simple comment of " i believe this is fake" count the stitching on the threads of each diamond. Measure the threads it is perfectly aligned. The serial number is also provided inside the purse on back side of tag. The original purchase bag and dust cover are also authentic.

  2. I believe this bag is fake.

    Contact your credit card company to see what you can do. They may advise you to file a charge-back, and you may have to send the bag back to the seller insured and tracked.

    You can also contact PayPal and start a dispute that can eventually escalate to a claim. I suggest contacting your credit card first, although starting a dispute won't affect the credit card charge back in any way.
  3. Thank you so much averagejoe for saving me from buying a fake. If it wasn't you, I'd have kept the bag. I can't thank you enough. It's my first experience of buying a fake and have no clue how to proceed. I did open a request, lets see what happens next.
  4. Do all possible
    Act asap
  5. Just want to second the advice; don't let it drift. If you look at the Prada Hall of Shame you will see the sorry saga of my own experience of buying a fake bag. I had to take the seller to Court before I got my money back; Cocosa actually denied receiving the bag even though they had signed to say they had received it.

    Sending it back fully insured and fully tracked was expensive but it's vital to do that to show that you are acting in a responsible manner.

    By way of additional comment: it seems strange that a seller who insists the bag is worth 5k should object to taking it back when she's sold it for much less money than that. :nogood:
  6. Here's a good suggestion. How about next time you do your research first go on purse forum, social media or an actual store to validate any suspicion you might have prior to bidding or purchasing online.
  7. You may want to file a case through EBay and see if they force the return before going to your credit card. My concern about Paypal, and I am not an expert in this, is that they may require you get an authentication company to confirm the bag is counterfeit prior to finding in your favor. Perhaps file the SNAD with EBay and then, if it doesn't work out, you can go to your card.
    Best wishes. Hopefully, the seller will just accept the return.

    Yes, it is a good idea to check on authenticity prior to purchase, but no sense admonishing after the fact, in this case.

    Good luck. OP!
  8. Actual stores do NOT authenticate and social media? Pffft! I've seen more fakes on "private facebook groups" than I can count.

    ETA: Had the SELLER divawsparkle authenticated her item before listing, she would have known it's fake and YOU wouldn't have listed it since the sale of counterfeit goods is illegal.
  9. Have you opened a SNAD dispute? Do so immediately as it'll tie up the seller (divawsparkle) 's money in case she balks at issuing a refund.

    And I recommend you leave appropriate feedback for the seller because if the listing is reported and ebay removes it, you won't be able to leave appropriate feedback.
  10. Excellent advice. I had forgotten about that. Perhaps ask for some help with the wording so that it is accurate and not removable.
    Best wishes
  11. And why didn't you do the same before listing?

    For the record, I'd trust Average Joe's authentications before social media or an actual store!
  12. As the thread about the scammer LouKPeach reveals ... reporting to the authorities is also essential. Selling counterfeits is against federal law and not to be taken lightly.

    You can report to ICE directly or through an online complaint on IC3. Provide all the details of the purchase - that it was on Ebay, the amount involved, the brand purchased and the seller's details on the form. They DO investigate and take this seriously.

    Also it appears lately that the only way to get Ebay to take action against an account is to get law enforcement involved and they contact Ebay to shut the account down when they ask for seller's listing and sales history. That tips Ebay off that an investigation is underway.

    You also should notify Pay Pal and Ebay through their appropriate forms. They need to know that a seller on Ebay is listing fakes so they can take appropriate action (which might only be a suspension of selling for a period of time, but that it stays on their record).

    You can and should also file a report the USPS. They have an online form you can fill out. Sending a counterfeit through any mail service (including fed ex, DHS, etc.) for financial gain is a federal crime and they also investigate and refer to the feds for further action.
  13. Since the seller came and posted here and has been advised, I wonder whether she's going to make her buyer whole.

    Seller posts to chastise buyer for not authenticating before listing yet clearly, the seller sold a fake so she didn't practice what she preached!

    Seller, what say you?
  14. Definitely file a claim with eBay as your first choice. They are usually very responsive to these kinds of requests. You should not have any difficulties. My choice would be 1. eBay, 2. paypal, 3. credit card. Also once a claim has been filed, don't file another one unless your initial claim is denied. Multiple claims muck things up.