Lady Dior Bag in Red Patent (large)

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I've always loved the Lady Dior bag in red patent (the large size,- 7 quilts from left to right), and I still love it and would love to own it. The only thing is that, it went up in price considerably, and the current price in the U.S. is $4,400 (large size red patent Lady Dior . Any owners of Lady Dior bag,--- what are your experiences with this bag,-- how does it wear, how is the quality, have you been enjoying it, using it a lot, etc... ? What do you think,-- based on the look, quality, brand, etc..... is this bag worth the price or not? Do you recommend buying it or no?.. Please advise, would like to see your opinions/votes. Thanks.:smile:
  2. Well, I own a couple, both in lambskin and patent. I do not wear my LD very often. Not that I don't love them, but I am guilty of having 30 other bags to alternate from. But I will still give you feedback based on my personal use. Both types of leather are great. I think patent does better with wear and tear, and for your color of choice, I would suggest patent as well (something about that shine + the color red just does it for me). Quality-wise, I would say that Dior makes very good merchandise, the Lady Dior is no exception. I recently inherited a black lambskin LD from my mom that she bought in 2002. The bag looks absolutely gorgeous still. You wouldn't be able to tell that it is over a decade old. My bought LD very been less than 5 years ago, but they all look great, almost new (again, they don't see everyday usage). And when I wear them out, everyone loves them. Dior is not a common brand (at least where I am), so it is a breath of fresh air when someone is seen wearing something OTHER than Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

    Price-wise it is a little iffy for me to say if it's worth it. It's like asking me if I think a Chanel flap should be worth $4k? My answer would be no (I bought that thing when it was only in the high 1K range)!. I bought my bags when they were in the $2K range and could justify every penny spent. Now so see them double the price, it does hold me back a little bit, but it does help that I have the LD in all the colors that I want so I will no longer be lusting after them. Given what I just said, I think python LD are worth it. They are about 2K more than the regular leather, but the look of an exotic bag is absolutely stunning! However, if this bag is your HG, then I think any price tag is worth it. But if you're trying to save some money, the preloved market has pretty decent prices. I just did a quick search on eBay under completed listings and a recently sold large red LD was priced at $2500 and it was in excellent condition.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, ThisVNchick. Yes, I believe my best bet is to, probably, get a pre-owned one in a "like new" condition. The only thing, I'm not sure if I can trust e-bay on such expensive items. I'll probably keep checking the well-known reputable consignment stores and see what they have available. Thanks. I'm also curios to see several more opinions/votes, and then will be ready to make the decision.
  4. There is an authenticate this Dior thread in this forum. If you are looking to buy preloved via eBay, you should definitely utilize this tool. AverageJoe is an awesome authenticator!
  5. Thanks. Are just the pictures of the bag alone enough to be able to accurately authenticate it (without holding it in your hands, touching, etc.)? or would it be better to actually hold the bag in your hands, touch it, and this way have the most accurate picture?
  6. Aww thanks! You are an awesome authenticator too!

  7. I would suggest you give the authenticators a link to the auction and they will authenticate the item based on the pictures provided. If it passes (meaning you buy and pay for the item), I would then suggest that you post your own pictures when you get the bag and authenticate it again. With the bag in hand, if there is anything that bothers you or that you would like to point out, do so, and they will be happy to address those issues.

    I learn from the best :P
  8. Of course it's best to see and feel it in person, but this isn't possible with online shopping. So pictures will have to do for online shopping.
  9. Thanks a lot, averagejoe and ThisVNchick. I guess it will be best for me to order from a store/company, or e-bay seller that has a good return policy, so that if it happens to be non-authentic (after I'll post the pictures of the actual bag when I receive it), I'll be able to return it back to the seller. :smile::smile::smile:
  10. Did you find one?
  11. (Bump). Wondering if you purchased one?
  12. actually, not yet, but I'm waiting for a good deal on this bag. I've seen it in other colors and sizes on various re-sale sites, but not exactly in the color and the size I wanted. I may get a different color/size if I find a good deal. :smile: I'll see what options will be offered on the re-sale sites on pre-owned ones that are in "like new" condition. :smile: