Lady Braid

  1. Just spotted a beautiful Lady Braid bowler today at Sak's. I have the Flap style in the purple but this black is soooo tempting...Have to pass this time..but someone should call my SA, Joseph@ 917-776-9353 and grab it!!!
    Its TDF!!!!!!
  2. the lady braid is being issued again for this fall..also in another color, I think its dark brown.
  3. ^^ ooh, do you know what size and style for the dark brown reissues?
  4. Hi, how much is the bowler and do you have a pic of your bag? I think I know which one it is but am not sure and can't find anything in the reference section. TIA!

  5. its $2450.00 satchel and they are re-releasing the satchel in black and dark brown for this fall 2007. So whomever missed out can still buy one later this year.