Lady Braid

  1. Hi,
    Is the Lady Braid still in stores? If so, where? TIA!
  2. i saw a violet flap, which i keep going back to drool over, at Saks in columbus, oh.
  3. there's a black lady braid flap at the chanel boutique in SCP in costa mesa and at NM in newport beach. i haven't seen the satchel in a while though.
  4. Saks NYC Chanel should still have one last piece of the black Lady Braid Satchel & also one of the flap available (might be just the display pieces -- their last ones). Also Bergdorf's Chanel I think also has one Lady Braid Satchel in black remaining as of earlier this week.
  5. I want the Satchel like *jennifer*, can't remember how the braid looks (I will do a search). Any have any SAs they work with. I think I'll try BG first.

    Gym, go for the violet flap!
  6. I bought the same satchel as jennifer from the Boutique in Chicago
    312-787-5500 ask for Pamela she is awesome!
  7. What is the return policy at the boutique?
  8. gloss_gal, you have 14 days to return/exchange in store boutiques.
  9. I called BG, Saks, and the boutique. No luck :*(

  10. did you try calling the Chanel 800 number and have them search?
    I can give you the style number if you need it.
  11. Yes, please send it to me. Thanks Queen!
  12. i saw the lady braid flap in black and violet at the beverly hills saks during the weekend, but they looked like they were returns.
  13. i would if i had 1995$ plus tax to spare lol. until i'm not a student, i can't afford much chanel only bbags.

  14. here ya go!


    price is $2450
  15. There was a rust color satchel at the NM Newport Beach last Friday.