Lady Braid Tote

  1. My SA is trying to find a Lady Braid Tote in black for me. Any opinions on this bag?
  2. You'll love it. I have it in grey, LOVE IT!:love:
  3. It is super nice IRL and very very soft. It is a larger tote and is very comfortable and not too heavy. There are about 4 left in Black in Canada (Holts) and the price is $3750
  4. i have a blue one, its very pretty IRL, soft and not heavy.
  5. I love them. I have one in gray.
  6. I have one in black in the n/s version and I LOVE it!!!! the framework at the top f the bag is a wee bit heavy but I LOVE it! this is one bag that I will NEVER SELL, even if I am down to my last $5! My chanel in Saks in Phoenix, AZ still has a red n/s lady braid tote if you cannot find the black one. My SA's name is Maddy Hogan and she is a doll! 602-955-8000
  7. I've never seen the tote in person but a friend of mine has it and she said it's very comfy.
  8. Thanks to all of you who responded. My SA at Saks in Beverly Hills ended up finding one in Florida for me, so it's on its way and I can't wait!! What other Chanel bags do you ladies own?
  9. congrats! please post pics when she arrives! We LOVE modeling pics, in fact most of us live for modeling pics, we get to live vicariously through you! you can go search for this thread, post them in when you take the photos and this thread will mvoe back up to the "head of the line" so to speak and those of us who reponded initailly will be emailed when there is new activity on this thread! so we can see your new modeling pics!

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. I agree...I am curious to know how much you paid. I think the one that i am thinking of is the large tote especially with that price point.