lady braid satchel style A33303 out there ????

I just bought a Black one from the Chicago Boutique last week!!!
They HAD four of them ... ask for Pamela she is WONDERFUL!
phone number is 1-312-787-5500

Good Luck!
I saw one in black and one in purple out on display at the Chanel boutique inside Bergdorf Goodman today -- they were there as of store closing tonight; give them a call if you're interested. I believe there's no tax if the bag is shipped outside NY. Good luck!
I am going to be returning one (Purple Lady Braid) to NM Fashion Valley here in about 30 minutes. I was looking so forward to her and when I opened the box last night, it was totally not me. :crybaby: Maybe it'll the one be for you. :idea:
awww! I'm so sorry! did you not like the bag or the color or both?

Thanks for asking. I was so bummed last night when I received it. I think I should have gone with black. The leather was clearly very soft, but the color was muted (which is fine), but not exactly the purple I imagined. I am usually pretty good about knowing which bag I like/dislike. This one I knew within opening the bag "Nope, it's not me." I think if it was black, I would have liked it a lot more because it would have gone with my closet better.

Anyways, I thought I'd post it back up here so someone who really wants it can have a chance at getting it too.
Hi wearsdasamethin,

I dont know where u live, but they had a black and white lady braid satchel (handheld) bag at Holt Renfrew in Montreal on sale for 30% off after xmas. They were just sitting there on the shelf?! I would have bought it on impulse, but talked myself away b/c I usually only wear shoulder bags, but what a steal!
^aw, balenciagalove, i'm so sad you didn't like your LB. i saw the purple LB irl and though i agree it was a pretty color, it just didn't work for me. i do hope you end up getting a black one.
I love my black Lady Braid. I think it's more classic than the purple. Mine came from the Las Vegas store but you might try the Chanel boutique in Dallas. They had a few the last time I was there.
Jennifer, Queen Victoria - I am going to try to hunt one down in black. But I think this time, I'll want to see it in person before buying it. I was so excited and feel like someone busted my over-inflated balloon of LUST for the lady Braid. I felt awful since the SA worked to get me that bag. Hopefully, my loss will be someone else's gain! ;)