lady braid satchel..seen it?? HELP!

  1. Ok---So Im hoping my good deeds will pay off in the form of someone telling me they have seen a black or purple lady braid satchel someplace. I am desperate for one [ well, not that dersperate....yet.] I will wash someones car for a week if they can help me find one :p

    I have tried calling chanel 1800 and they tell me its completely sold out..Somehow I dont believe them, something tells me they dont have updated stock list in their computer...

    anyone??? HELPPPPPPPPPPP :idea:
  2. I have been searching for 1 also, and was told it is sold out in NM as well. If anyone has seen 2, especially in the purple color, please let both of us know. LOL.
  3. so if we find 1, who do we share this info w/ first? lol, just teasing. i will ask my SA, would anyone be interested in ordering from canada
  4. For what it's worth. I think the bag is gorgeous! And I love purple....
  5. I wouldnt mind buying from Canada, the only problem is does canada even ship to the USA?

    I prefer buying from the states though, Hopefully someone sees this and chimes in. I AM positive there are a few floating around....must..have...hope!
  6. no, they don't ship to the u.s. but if there is one, i could ship it to you? anyhow, i will ask my SA and see if there're any around.
  7. ^ yay! Please ask :smile:
  8. cisforcoco gets first dibs of course! LOL.
  9. Have you considered eBay?
  10. takeoutbox,

    Can I be the third then? I want the deep violet satchel. But do you know if Canada will ship to Hong Kong then? Thanks!!! you're so sweet!


  11. sorry ladies,
    called my SA and she said no, they never got the lady braid in violet, there was another collection, which she cannot recall the name of, that looked very similar to lady braid that came in violet, but the toronto boutique didn't order the violet. so no, there is none, for anyone.
    the toronto, actually any of the canadian boutiques will not ship oversea.
    but if anyone's still looking for the red caviar, i think they've got it still
  12. I dont think they show up on eBay often, if they do...I would deff hop on it!
  13. I may have located a black one, but please keep looking...Purple is my fav color of all time!!