Lady Braid Satchel/Bowler

  1. Can someone clarify for me, is this bag seasonal or is it a permanant style?! I asked the SA today and she said they are not doing this bag in any more colours and that is the last lot?

    Am I right to think that she's wrong!? Does anyone know whether this line will be on sale this year considering you girls over in the USA will have seen what all the sale items are available over there!!

  2. this bag is a seasonal style.
  3. no, Lady Braid is not permanent. They may bring it back for a season sometime, but it's not a dependably available ligne.
  4. I am looking for a black lady braid bowler.
    Is it possible for me to find it in the stores still?
  5. ^I just saw the black Lady Braid bowler not too long ago at Chanel Ala Moana. (808)942-5555. Ask for Judy Chin. Not 100% sure if they sold it by now.
  6. They have a black lady braid bowler at Chanel Palm Beach 561-655-1550. Ask for Jillian, she is reliable and we Pfers know her!
  7. I saw LB bowler at NM palo alto today