Lady Braid Owners: How well is your bag holding up?

  1. Everyone,

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm about to take a big leap (at least for me) into the Lady Braid territory, my new wonderful SA was able to find one for me and I've bought it already. :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:

    How has your lady braid been holding up? Are there any special precautions I should be aware of?

    Thanks so much!

    :heart: BL
  2. oh, balenciagaLove!!! how exciting!
    i've worn my bag lightly a few times and haven't encountered anything to be worried about. the leather is distressed and squishy so it makes it easy to wear anywhere imho. can't wait to see pics of your LB!!
  3. I have the Black Satchel, but I've only had her about a week! She is super, buttery soft and already does show some light scuffs if you closely inspect her...
    BUT, I think that this material is delicate sooooooo that is just the way it is ... I am not one to baby my bags tho, I bought them to USE them
  4. I should mention that I was referring to the BOTTOM of the bag !
  5. Thanks so much, Queen Victoria and Jennifer!

    Queen Victoria - I'm so glad you clarified, I thought it was all exposed sides and I got worried for a sec.

    I ordered the one in purple. I don't know whether I should have go for black instead now. I have several black bags and got the purple for variety, but now I'm beginning to think that maybe violet is too "wild" for me.

    Jennifer - you're the culprit that got me hooked on this bag with your avatar!!! And of course, Jag is the facilitator. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. it is jennifer's fault I bought mine too - LOL!!! and jag's fault that I bought the Kelly!! They are bad, bad enablers!:p

    BL - I have never seen the purple one IRL, but I am pretty boring and stick to neutral colors for myself! The pic I seen was beautiful tho! I think if you are careful with your bags you'll be OK!
    I think the Lady Braid Satchel is STUNNING and you will LOVE her!!!
  7. The purple lady braid is beautiful IRL. I think once you see it you will love it. It is a very classy and not as extreme as you think the color may be. I saw one at my local boutique and couldn't put it down.
  8. Hi,

    I have had the violet lady braid for about 6 months and it's holding up just fine, although I haven't used her too much yet. I am waiting for spring! The color is great too not too bright and goes with so many things!
  9. lol!
    i blame imgg for starting the whole LB thing! ;)
  10. hehe, I think your avatar is what's keeping it going! :drool:
  11. Oh, I know!!! Jennifer is the hook and IMGG is the sinker. No wonder I didn't even know what hit me! I'll feign innocence when hubby gets the bill! :nuts:

    Thanks so much for all your responses. I can't wait to see her!!!
  12. I have the violet lady braid bag. Just like the other folks said the color is a great color to got with everything. It is more delicate than say a cabas but I can tell the durability with withstand.
  13. Hi, I am curious. How many styles does the lady braid come in ? Can anyone pls post pictures ?

  14. I THINK only 2 ... the Satchel and the Flap. Black, Violet and White (Offwhite?)
    The Satchel is above in *jennifer*"s avatar - I have this one also - if you search the threads you will find more photo's of both!
  15. Many thanks Queenvictoria2. Is the violet the same shade as the plum flap bag for fall/winter 06 ? Wonder anyone has pictures taken of the inside of the stachel and the flap ? Wanna see how roomy they are.