Lady Braid large satchel help

  1. Hello everyone,

    I saw a really nice bag on last night's episode of Cashmere Mafia and found out from the reference tread that it's a lady braid. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what season is this bag from and if it's still available in stores.

    Thanks ladies!

    Here's a pic I got from Savannah... (thks!)
  2. It's from fall 2007 and retails for 2995.00 plus tax
  3. I saw that too! They were all about hand-held bags last night!
  4. That is such a gorgious bag! I remember pics of it being posted of a trunkshow a while back. Too bad it's 3k :sad:
    But it sure is a beauty!!
  5. Thanks ckl55girl! I just got back from Neiman Marcus and saw the bag in person. Even though the bag is gourgeous, I think it's a bit too big for my taste. :s So, I'm going to pass on this one and save me my 3k...

  6. ^^ You're welcome. It IS a big even, even for me. :smile:
  7. I'm not sure if it's brand new or what but I just bought it at Neimans ....expensive and gorgeous. Love it!:tup:
  8. there is a different version, a north/south tote, if you are interested! I found the one pictured above to be rather wide to wear on your shoulder. it came in red and black at Saks in the n/s version, my Saks chanel in phoenix still has a red one if you are interested. here is a pic of my black one. it was $3395 I think and I just love mine!
  9. I really love this style in the satchel and in the tote. I think that it would be really versatile (not to mention that it is just soooo pretty). Nice modeling pic Trisha!
  10. Wow, that bag is gorgeous. I want one too.:tender:
  11. thanks, my little digital camera (I use for posting pics on tpf;)) is on the fritz so I had to use my hubby's professional canon, it weighs like ten pounds, so i was trying to shoot one handed, oi ! thanks! I LOVE this bag, i get so many compliments when I take her out!
  12. I saw it too! Beautiful bag!!! Love Lady Braid!
  13. I remember seeing it at last fall's trunk show in a beautiful shade of peacock blue.