Lady Braid in Violet

  1. Who has the lady braid in violet?
  2. imgg has the lady braid satchel in violet!
  3. Go for it, Janice! :smile:
  4. OMG I love it!
  5. Beautiful bag - does it fit well over your shoulder?
  6. were you able to find one in the store?!?!
  7. Thanks!

    yes, it fits fine over the shoulder, but I think it's meant to be more of a handheld.
  8. Wow - how gorgeous!!! I so want one now!!! :drool: :drool: Geesh.. I'm suffering from Chanel-envy!
  9. So beautiful!!!! :love: I don't have it, but it is :drool: worthy!
  10. :sweatdrop:I WANT THIS BAG TOO,...I have to go in my yard and water the money tree:graucho: