Lady Braid in UK

  1. So I've been calling around London to see when and which styles they were getting and kept being told they were getting only 1 style! :sweatdrop: I really hope not since I want the satchel! (I've only managed to talk to Selfridges and Harrods though since the main Chanel Boutique wouldn't answer the phone). They also said they did have a waiting list but didn't have an exact date when they would be available.

    Selfridges will only be getting 2 navy coloured lady braid flaps apparantly. (didn't know they had lady braid flaps) The SA said it's a 'flap' but she seemed to have difficulty describing the bag and kept telling me "it's like in the picture" which was funny since I couldn't see "the picture", so I don't know if that's the correct name but she was very nice though.

    Oh how I wish I lived in the US lol. Seems like they have more stock!:girlsigh:

    Anyone else in the UK looking for the lady braid who had more luck than me finding out details?
  2. Here are pics of the lady braid styles I took from various threads in this forum. So is there 1 missing? The "flap"? Anyone have a picture?
    Lady Braid.JPG trunk 12.jpg JULIE'S ULTIMATE DREAM BAG.jpg
  3. Yes, there is a lady braid flap. It's small. There might be a picture in the reference section.

    My sales associate in NY called me yesterday to let me know the dark grey satchel had finally arrived in stores.

  4. ^Oh o.k thanx! OMG you ladies in the US are so lucky! Maybe I'll have to order from either France or the US then. Is the satchel price $2995?
  5. Is the picture of the satchel dark grey or black? I can't wait to see what the grey looks like...
  6. Do you mean the one in the middle? The middle one is the satchel right or am I confusing the names?

  7. Smooth, is your SA from the boutique or NM? i'm anxious for the grey bowler to arrive at NM...
  8. Percephonie, which botique did you call? Whenever I try Chanel on Sloane Street I always get through. There are 3 Chanel botiques in London so I would try them all, if you have not done so,
  9. Any pics of the Lady Braid flap? And the price? Thankyou.
  10. I just called the Brompton Road Boutique and was told they're only getting one style as well. i think they said the tote as they described it as square shaped. They also mentioned they are 5 lady braid styles. That means the bowler, satchel, tote, flap and....? So which one is the 5th one?
  11. My advice would be to call Brompton Road and fax them a pic of the bag you want. They will then locate it for you from europe if it is not in the UK. I have done this in the past and it worked for me. Lucy at Brompton Road is great and Theresa at Bond Street.
  12. Percephone hope you get it - that style looks great!

    Think you need to clear your closet space to fit it in though - that red defo has to go!! hee hee
  13. LOL I don't think so secret_shopaholic:roflmfao: You already got a gorgeous red :graucho:

    Oh that reminds me! The SAs all said they were getting the lady braid in RED too!
  14. Brendan at the NY Chanel boutique. I was saying satchel but I guess I mean the "bowler" as everyone is now calling it.

  15. Can never be too many reds perc! hee hee

    You will be sick of listening to me on your red I tell ya!

    Hey if you can wait till November (long time I know) but I am in New York for a week could see if they had the braid there for you?