lady bought louis vuitton bag and refused it

  1. hi everybody what should i do. a lady bought a louis vuitton bag which was expensive and i shipped it over night per her request and she says her husband refused it. she emailed me asking for a refund. i am affraid she did bait and switch. she said i could leave her negative and charge her a restocking fee. help what to do. never happened before. i say all sales final.
  2. If he refused it, it should alreayd be on it's way back to you.
    If it is, I'd go ahead and check it out, if it clearly hasn't been opened and you know it's your bag, may as well dock a restocking fee and relist.
  3. i know but i already sent the money. ughhhhh i hate eBay
  4. what % of restocking fee should i charge?
  5. what do you mean you already sent her $?
  6. You already refunded them?
  7. that's what I'm wondering. . .
    we have a whole different conversation here if you sent her $ w/o having received your bag back.
  8. Yikes! You should receive the bag back first, make sure its the one you sent, then refund the $$.
  9. no no i mean what % stocking fee should i charge her. i still have the money. sorry i have the flu.
  10. i meant i spent the money. opps
  11. I'd just make very sure all your eBay fees are covered.
    I don't know how much the bag sold for, but just make sure ALL THE FEES are covered. And you may as well add the next fees too since you'll have to relist ;)
  12. oh, you spent it!?
    Yikes, I don't know then!
  13. yep i had bills to pay and i have never had to refund someone in 2 years. and i said only refund for authenticity purposes. but i only sell the real deal, i already went through a reveiw with eBay. it was 1700.00 ugh. for the first time i hate ebay. this is the first time i have had any problem. well my dad said he will be able to tell if the box was opened and i can tell a fake from the real thing. thanks for the help
  14. Opps, you spent it! Do you have money in savings you could send her? Well you did say all sales FINAL in the auction. This is tough. I don't deal with E-bay much and don't know thier rules on this.
  15. well i was thinking if the bag is in perfect condition giving her back 80%. what do you guys think. after the final value fee and listings fees and now when i go to relist it i think i will have a harder time selling it cause it looks like it was sold.