Ladiesss! There's a new bag coming out similar to the speedy! + info on new stuff

  1. So they are redoing the signature stripe line! Well basically the styles offered. It will be coming in denim w/ tobacco leather and navy stripe, khaki/mahogany and khaki/parchment. I loveeee the denim!

    There is:

    - The same small tote, with two leather strips going up it- with legacy stripe lining and multi function pockets.

    - Large Tote, which is wider and similar to the chelsea tote and the gallery totes.

    - The new demi is similar to the old east west demi where it is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.

    - The satchel! It is very very similar to the LV Speedy 30. It has a tiny outside slit pocket and it's very plain and classic. I really want one.

    - The magazine tote is just like the signature stripe weekend tote, with an additional longer strap. Perfect for traveling!

    - The baby bag, it's similar to the multi stripe baby bag that is out now.

    Also!! I don't know if you ladies know, but the new khaki patchwork also is coming in the medium carly, so far they don't have stock of the denim so i'm not sure if they will make it in the denim.

    The new chelsea kind of has details up the sides, similar to the carlys but not so big. It's a gentle touch but.. I wish they would have kept the chelseas more plain!

    The patent leather ergo hobo also comes in Mahogany in addition to the Black, White and Red! I really want to see one in person.

    I've worked about 30 hrs in the past 3 days so i'm super tired, only 6 more tomorrow and a day off!

    Ask me questions, I'll be here for a bit to answer right away. :graucho:

    EDIT!!!! I forgot to mention the new scarf print!!! It's a very fatiguey color, deep olives and medium greens. Just replace the white and teal in the current scarf print and you get the color combo! This will be offerered in the small sig. stripe tote size, the demi anddddd I think that's it? I can't think of any others right now.
  2. Yay for the parchment coming back!

    Do you know if there is going to be a parchment/khaki mini-skinny? I am thinking I need a new "speedy."
  3. I believe so! My store has only received the wristlets to match, but I can double check for sure tomorrow.

    I loveeeee the satchel! It's been a long time since i've loved a bag, Lately i've only liked and me liking signature bags? It's a new thing. haha
  4. Woo-hoo! I will need that for sure! How exciting!

    Silly girl and your signature bags. I'm going for more of the leather now. Go figure! :p
  5. Thank you sooo much! Now I need to save more money! Do you by any chance can show pics?
  6. So when will these be out?

    30 hours in the 3 days??? Holy crap!

    Get some rest girl!
  7. I like the sound of this one! When will these come out, sprinkles? Are these summer offerings? And the mahogany patent sounds wonderful, I wish they'd do a mahogany or tobacco in the Carly. Thanks, Sprinkles!
  8. The satchel sounds very interesting! I don't know if I can bring home ANOTHER Carly without getting :noggin: LOL. And I am thinking about a black Ali...someone hit me with a hose!! Sprinkles you are an evil temptress!
  9. thequeen- no pictures yet! They won't be in any catalog to my knowledge so there is only the product knowledge pages in the stores.

    Iheartcoach- I know I knowww :sleepy::sleepy:.. They will be out May 21st!
  10. Thanks for the info Sprinkles!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
  11. OMG!!! Did you say like the LV speedy?!?!!? That is only non-coach purse that has been on my wishlist for quiet some time now!!! Can you describe it a little further? Is it a signature bag with a thicker stripe all of the way around it? Oh my . . . . I am in lust and I don't even really know what you are talking about! When will these bags be out?
  12. I've seen all of these Sprinkles and you are right, they're gorgeous! My new info thread was pretty basic compared to yours! LOL! Great descriptions you are much better at describing the new styles than I am! :woohoo:
  13. lalabelle7- It is very similar in shape to the LV Speedy 30, Just imagine the signature stripe totes right now in that shape and you should have the perfect idea. They will be out May 21st!

    BUBBLEEESSS I SEE YOU! :supacool::supacool:
  14. Omg a Speedy shaped Coach bag! I really don't like LV but I LOVE the shape of the Speedy. If Coach makes a version of that I will so be in heaven!!! Any idea how much that one will be? And you said it's coming out May 21st?
  15. It's a little pricey (I'm thinking high 200's, and one is mid 300's, I'd have to look again) but well worth it. The shape is gorgeous. Combined with the signature it's so much prettier than the LV speedy (but that's just my opinion)! We were all in the back as much as possible today ogling the new goodies :love: