Ladiesss! I Need Your Help!

  1. LADIES (and men!) I need your help... does anyone know where I can find the "Gucci Sand and Light Blue GG Canvas Tote"? I have only seen it once in person and I just saw it on bluefly and I was so excited about to purchase it, but it said not available!! I've wanted that specific bag for so long!!

    If anyone knows where I am able to get one (or any ideas) PLEASE let me know!!!!

    thank you!!!!!
  2. wow! how did you find that second website. the second bag is the one i'm looking for... i really want the larger size, i wonder what that one is... it looks like it may be the smaller one though.

    i can't believe you found a website that has it, is that a good, authentic site?

    thank you, thank you!
  3. Styledrops is legit, but the price seems to be a bit higher. I'd check out Bluefly more often to see if they've the bag back up again. Sometimes they remove a lot of stuff before having a sale. ;)
  4. omg you are great too! i can't tell you how many times I went on gucci under "handbags". i never thought of looking for that under luggage!!!

    looks like i'll be going to gucci this week!!