Ladies, your opinion on fashion is needed!

  1. Dear all,

    I am a French student and I am currently doing my thesis on women’s opinion on luxury brands. So I figured out that you, loyal readers of, would be the most qualified in this respect…

    This is why I need your help!

    I have a questionnaire for you concerning your opinion on Louis Vuitton (see link below). It will take you only five minutes, and you cannot imagine how much it will help me!

    I am sorry for men but only women can answer this questionnaire… Hope you will not bear a grudge :smile:!

    I really thank you a lot for your time and your precious collaboration.

    Here is the link to my questionnaire.
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  2. Sorry, I tried but the questionnaire isn't working correctly... (First answer was "0", the second answer "none" and because of that the questionnaire didn't accept my answer that I actually do have LV items...(but not bought in the last two years).
    Regina :sad:
  3. Unfortunately my response was rejected also because of my ZERO for the question and none for the other two questions. I can't move to the next page because of this. I'll happily complete your questionnaire if the 'blip' in the questionnaire is fixed.
  4. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem...

    I think it should be fixed now.

    Thanks also in advance for your future answers!
  5. You managed to fix the problem - thanks. Quite a long survey, but I finished it. Hope it helps.
  6. Maxime - I completed the survey. Please share the results with us when you finish your research:smile:
  7. Joining others, :hysteric:
    I completed the survey. Please share the results with us when you finish your research.
  8. I completed your survey. Would be interested in hearing the results when completed.
  9. I have completed it as well!
    Regina :tup:
  10. Thanks to all of you! and thanks to the future respondents as well :smile:
  11. I responded too. Would love to see the results. Good luck with your thesis!
  12. I don't want to sound critical of you, or of members who love LV, but I'm really struggling with part iv, as almost all of the choices seem to be between two positive (or one highly positive and one slightly less positive) words/descriptions and I don't really feel that way about LV mongrams, personally... :s

    I think I'd better terminate my participation, as I suspect that this questionaire is only meant for LV fans; am I correct?
  13. Done!!Best wishes for your thesis!:flowers:
  14. Thanks for all your kind words!

    Chloehandbag (sorry, don't know your name ;)), I am sorry you feel that way about the questionnaire...

    The purpose of part IV is to express as spontaneously as possible your feeling about Louis Vuitton as a whole (so monogram purses are part of it of course, but not only)... Hope it helps! :smile:
  15. Just to put it on top ;)...

    I really need your participation! Thx :smile: