Ladies Your Help is Needed

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Which second bag should I get?

  1. Mono Speedy 30

  2. Mono Alma

  3. Mono Lockit (Regular Size)

  4. A different LV Bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Help me decide. Next week I'm going to Louis Vuitton in Short Hills to buy the Damier Speedy 30 but I also plan to by another bag and I can't decide between the Mono Speedy 30 and the Mono Alma. So Which one should I go with.
    1. The Mono Speedy
    2. The Mono Alma
    3. Some Other Bag
  2. if you already decided go with one speedy, I wouldn't buy the 2nd one. Maybe mono lockit or vernis...
  3. I'd go with another bag if you're already getting a speedy! Maybe a mono tivoli if its in the store :biggrin:
  4. another bag! what's your range and what type of bags you already own?
  5. Alma is a great second bag, totally classic!
  6. Mono Lockit
  7. I'd get Lockit in mono or Tivoli if it's available.

    I love lockit mono but just don't really like the cowhide - it's too much for me.
  8. How about the palermo, tivoli or papillon?
  9. I would go for something that can be both a shoulder or a handheld. I am in love with the damier trevi at the moment. There are a few new styles like the palermo, tivoli and the new mini lin cruise line too. Another great bag is the petite noe. I would try on a few bags and see what you find, have fun!!
  10. saleya would be good for shoulder and handheld
  11. I would go with the mono Lockit -- love that bag! OR, if you like shoulder bags -- then a BH, or perhaps the new Palermo.
  12. I voted for a different LV. If you're getting a speedy then I say go for something different for your 2nd. How much are you willing to spend? Do you like shoulder bags? I always tell people who get a speedy to go with a shoulder bag next so you have one of each but it all depends on if you like shoulder bags...

    My opinion bags....

    Batignolles Horizontal $740

    Popincourt Haut $860

    Neverfull $575 for the PM

    Popincourt $750

    Damier Papillon 30 $875

    Epi Lockit $930

    Epi Jasmin $1,120

    Neo Cabby in black MM or GM $1,500 / 1,720
  13. I voted for the mono lockit. it's such a cute bag
  14. i vote for the lockit as well. i dont think you should get another speedy and i like the lockit more than the alma
  15. i voted for the lockit!

    Just so you know - There is a thread in the shopping section about a price increase starting Monday the 19th . so you may not want to wait until next week! Good luck!