ladies with the wapity case ....

  1. i am thinking about buying one of these babies but i couldn't find any pictures on internet with someone actually holding it.
    would the ladies with the wapity case please be a doll and model it for me (for size comparison, etc) ?! :smile:
    it would be greatly appreciated!!! you are gonna help me decide whether or not this baby is a winner :smile:
  2. Try a search! I know there's pics of gals holding them!!
  3. Wapity is great!!! I carry mine everyday. They are old pic, it's black wapity. Small but fits some essentials.I used to think that my cles was the most important accessory to have but no more since I got this baby. It's the winner!!! You should consider getting it.


  4. I just got it in MC white from a fellow tPF member on eBay. Can't wait to get receive it in the mail. I plan to use it as a wallet and for outtings that don't require much.
  5. I have had mine for about a year and used it maybe 3 times. Once I got the Pochette Cancun with the long strap I dont look at my Wappity. It does fit my camera perfectly though.
  6. i am really considering getting it.. i read some forums on here and some says it doesn't fit much, some says it fits more than it looks.. i just need it to fit my blackberry & my smoke pack which is only 1cm thick and maybe a lipgloss or eyeliner & a lighter. soo i don't know!! it's so cute :smile:

    and thank you bagsnbags for your photos :smile: you're lookin good!!
  7. I have the black MC and like you, I use it to hold my camera..