Ladies with SMALL feet...Where can I find shoes?

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  1. I know my husband is glad that my feet aren't bigger because then, we'd have to live in my shoes but....

    my feet are anywhere between a 4 to 4.5.

    After much patience, searching and getting my heart broken (finding a beautiful pair only to find they don't fit), I have managed to acquire a few pairs of Guccis, Louboutins, and the like.

    Never any Jimmy Choos.
    Never any Manolos.

    Share your secrets ladies! Where do you find the small sizes?
    Stores? Websites?

  2. Oh, Louis Vuitton makes comfy shoes. Smallest size is 34. You should try them.
  3. ferragamo makes small and narrow shoes
  4. I think Miu Miu makes 34s. And I rarely see them in stock in stores. Saks offered to order me a pair of 34.5 once (declined because I couldn't wait).
  5. You can also special order Louboutins.
  6. Manolos do come in 34 but are HTF. I ended up with a pair from the second Nordies cut for 65% off.
  7. I saw lots of Louboutins on sale at nordies but size 35 tho..
  8. Nordstroms carries lots of small shoe sizes!
  9. ^:tup: They have size 4 and 4.5
  10. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the advice.
  11. I've seen Guccis in 34 or 34.5 and I think YSL has some at least in 34.5 if not 34.
  12. Hun I'm the same as you. What CL's styles do you fit?
    What the other girls have said is true. I find that stuart weitzmann, bruno magli and Bally are good as well. So jealous you girls can just zip down to your local nordstroms for a pair while I have to hunt them down on the internet!'s like finding a needle in a haystack :Push:
  13. I'm a size 34 too! :tup: I usually search ebay for shoes, because small shoes in Finland are usually either kids' shoes or seriously ugly... I did happen to find one pair of pumps that I liked, and they are the most comfortable pumps I've ever had. I love them!
  14. is it possible to buy ysl and guccis anywhere online?..I would so die without online shopping considering my small feet